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The Tomes of Bathoria
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The Tomes of Bathoria

©Virginia Alison 2010


A snippet from a forthcoming novel...

The moon rises on the new night, the shutters open, and twilight floods the room. A breath on my neck, stirs me from my slumber and I open my eyes to see Lucius standing over me. His glistening fangs, elongated within his broad grin, bring a smile to my sleepy face, and sliding my arms around his neck, he lifts me from my sepulchre and reposes me on the bed. The flames from the fire cast an orange glow on the naked Adonis before me. I sigh, watching his biceps flexing as, silhouetted against the rippling light, he towers above me and rips open my nightgown.


“Oh Lucius, I really must get you out of this bad habit, I will have no clothes left at this rate!”

Laughing, and with a gleam in his eyes, he peels away the cotton shift, and emits a deep throaty growl, “Sweet music to my ears Countess!”

His tongue tastes my eager desires as it flicks over the throbbing vein on my neck, whilst fingers flow over my breasts, and I whimper as he grasps the nipples, teasing them erect. The chill of his shaft sends frissons down my spine as it seeks entrance, whilst his blood, sluggish from sleep, demands the heat of my depths to fire up his loins. Wrapping my body around the beast, I scream as his monstrous rod thrusts into my folds and his protracted fangs pierce my skin. Thrusting in time to my heartbeat, he gorges on my blood, awakening my early night passion....