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The Meeting
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The Meeting

©Virginia Alison 2010

The night was still young when I stepped out of the door, and the taxi was warm compared to the freezing temperatures outside. The cocktail bar where it deposited me was only half-full when I walked in. This trip had been long and boring, I could not wait to get back home, nothing but meetings and early to bed, was this all there was to life I asked myself. My spirits were quite low but I was looking forward this, my last night and some good friends to while away a few hours were just what I needed. I was early and they had not yet arrived, I ordered a glass of white wine and chose a seat in the corner. A message on my phone let me know that they were going to be late, sighing I settled back in the comfortable armchair, picked up my wine and surveyed the room.


Several lovers sat in the small booths, a couple of businessmen at the bar talking about the day’s events at the office and then he walked in. Business suit, tie removed, shirt open at the top, he had a calm air about him, beautifully built, dark brown hair with a little salt & pepper at the temples and eyes that bore deep into you. I watched him order a scotch and perch on a bar stool. Slowly he turned the stool to face the room and caught my eye as he did so, a small smile crossed his lips, and murmuring something to the bar man he walked over to my table

“Do you mind if I join you, we seem to be the only single people in the world tonight?”

The conversation flowed easily, he was from America, in London on business for a few days, and the waiter brought over a bottle of champagne and proceeded to pour us each a glass. There was a definite sexual tension between us as we chatted about generalities of life, and I decided that this could be an interesting evening. It turned out he was staying in the hotel across the road, he’d had a long day and was planning to grab a bite to eat, have a shower and retire to his bed, however slipping me his card with his room number on as my friends arrived probably meant he would rather not be alone tonight.

With many kisses all round, the four of us started into a couple of pitchers of Mai Tai cocktails. Catching up was always a laugh with these guys but as the evening wore on I became more aware of the card in my purse, unzipping the little pocket I slipped my fingers inside and fingered it, the mere thought making my insides flutter. Around eleven thirty people started making their excuses, they all had to work the following day and finally there I was alone again. I glanced over to the window; his hotel was closer than mine was, and looked extremely inviting. The bill paid I collected my coat and stepped out into the cold winter chill, pulling my scarf tight around my neck I hesitated, but only for a second. Crossing the road, I felt as if the whole world was watching me, waiting.

Entering the elegantly furnished lobby, lights dimmed to give a golden glow, I smiled at the concierge as I walked past and pressed the lift button. Pressing the button and listening to the ‘Lift Musak’ playing in the background as I rose to the third floor, I breathed deeply to control the panic rising in my heart. The card said ‘314’ and as I slowly made my way along the corridor, I paused at a mirror on my right, not bad for my age, tall, lean, a few little laughter and sorrow lines here and there, they showed my life, I was quite happy with them. Had I thought this through? Hesitating for a second before knocking lightly on the door, movement from inside almost made me turn round and head back to the lift but before I could move the door swung open.

I guess he had been waiting for me, was I that obvious. Wearing nothing but a towel his brown body glistened in the light, damp hair hung down over his face, those limpid brown eyes drew me in, making me shiver involuntarily as I walked into the room closing the door behind me. The room smelt of fresh soap and aftershave, big armchairs and a sofa surrounded a low coffee table on which were a large arrangement of flowers and an ice bucket. Walking over the plush carpet, I noted that the ice was still quite fresh and the bottle of wine already opened.

“I knew you’d come.”

The voice had a smile in it, I could tell without even looking. I felt hands on my shoulders, turning me around, he undid the buttons on my coat, pushed it off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor, and I stared into those eyes, my body fluttering with anticipation.

The kiss was gentle, on my mouth, cheek, and eyes. My breathing was uneven, and I started wondering what the hell I was doing here, as I felt the buttons of my blouse come undone. Pulling the material free, his arms slid around my back and pulled me towards him, this time the kiss was deeper and insistent. Instinctively I answered him, my hands snaked around his back feeling the soft skin, and the taut muscles. Picking me up and without taking his lips from mine, he carried me into the bedroom and gently laid me on the bed.

He kissed my neck, gently teasing my skin as his hand expertly unclipped my bra. Exposed and vulnerable I watched as he took my nipple in his mouth, gently sucking and goading it into submission. Unbuttoning my jeans he slid them down over my hips, and off onto the floor. His towel drifted away, revealing his whole body to me, he really was beautiful. I moved and knelt on the bed, running my hands over his chest, down his stomach to the prize below.

Cupping his balls in one hand, I took his shaft in the other and gently placed my mouth over the tip, tasting the juices. I ran my tongue around and gently squeezed with my teeth, and his hands grabbed my shoulders as he moaned. Not wanting this to end too quickly, I withdrew, and reached up to kiss him. The passion with which he responded took my breath away!

Pushing me back down onto the bed, I closed my eyes, relishing the feel of his hands running over my breasts and stomach. My muscles fluttered as he delved into my pussy, his finger slid gently over my clitoris, sparking every nerve ending in my body. Groaning with pleasure and opening my legs a little to allow his administrations, the rampaging heat spread to every extremity. I ran my hands down his chest, over his stomach, and down to the soft downy hair where his cock was waiting, seeping precum, ready for some attention.

Flipping me onto my knees, his shaft rubbed along my labia and he slowly entered my sheath. Grabbing my hips, he swiftly plunged into my depths, and gasping my body enveloped him as he touched my soul. Pounding in and out of me, I felt my orgasm rising, the heat from which glistened on my body as we joined in lusts dance. My head began to swim as I felt his cock grow, and his rhythm slowed a little to allow more time.

No do not stop now!’ My brain screamed. Sensing my urgency to climax, he pushed deeply into me, he groaned and for a flash the world lost all meaning as the world shattered into oblivion and I felt him spew his heat deep inside. Perspiring and giddy, we fell together on the floor. Reaching up to the bed to pull the cover down over us, still joined, we spooned together and dozed for what felt like minutes but could have been hours.

As time swept away the first flush, his lips caress my skin, and I could feel his shaft swelling inside of me. Turning me to face him, I looked deep into those velvet eyes, those eyes that were just begging for more.

”Let’s go have a shower to start the day off right,” he said with a wicked grin on his face.

Helping me up and with a resounding smack on my rump, he propelled me into the beautifully plush bathroom. Decked out with black and white with chrome fittings, I noticed a few toiletries next to the double basin,

Hmm expensive tastes,’ I smiled to myself as he turned on the shower.

The cubicle was large enough to fit about ten people with a delightfully large showerhead. The hot water stung my skin as I walked towards him, with hair plastered down over his ‘you know you want me’ eyes, he put his arms around me, squeezed my bottom and pulling me close, planted his lips on mine.

There is something so sensual about lust in a shower. His hot shaft pressed against my soft mound, wanting release, wanting me. Pushing me back against the shower wall he bent down, grabbed my legs as I held onto his neck and lifted me onto his bulging heat.

Deep in my grasping depths, the small pain inside turned to pleasure as he thrusts harder, no love here, just two people and the need for release. Moved in time with his thrusts, I lost myself in the moment, time stood still as my need matched his. I could sense his climax as he engorged, and my own orgasm started to rise from my core. Deeper and harder he pushed until my body exploded and I felt his heat spew deep within me, gasping for breath, his legs collapsed and we slid to the floor.

Eventually coming to our sense, showered and dressed we bid out goodbyes. I left the room and gazed at the mirror on the way out, this was a first for me, did I look different, and would anyone know? As I passed through the lobby, I glanced at the receptionist,

“Morning madam, I hope you had a good night.”Squeezing my legs together, I could still feel him inside.

‘Oh you have no idea’ I thought, and as I walked out, laughing for all the world to see, the sun hit my face and I decided this was going to be a very nice day.