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Torture to Order
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The coffee really needed to be stronger David thought as he contemplated shaking his ass and getting out of the house early. The morning did not look too bad as far as work was concerned, and the afternoon would be a breeze, but that was not what worried him. His first port of call for the day was going to be a tough one, and he really needed to gear himself up for the scantily clad woman who awaited him.

Sitting in front of the computer screen with only a towel around his waist, David was showered, shaved and ready to take on the world. His sensual aftershave permeated the room, he knew it was her favourite and could always tell how the appointment would go as he walked in and she smiled when sniffing the air. However, it had been a few days since his last visit, she would be hungry for him today, and to tell the truth, he was a little anxious.
Not wanting to draw attention to himself, he dressed casually in tracksuit, trainers and sunglasses, left the house and took a casual drive over to the allotted meeting place. David parked in a bay beneath a spreading oak, which would keep the sun off the car and at least make it bearable to get into when he made his quick getaway, and sat for a minute, pondering whether this was a good idea. Yes, ok she excited him. She got his blood racing, and heart pounding, but when it was over, he was always desperate to escape into the fresh air, and leave as quickly as possible. Yet, he could not stay away; he was under her spell.
Eventually, knowing he could not put off the fateful moment, David took the slow walk up the driveway and through the open door. It was always open for him, she knew when he was coming and made sure of it. The place was quiet as he walked across the wooden floor and upstairs to where she awaited his presence.
He focused his mind, which screamed at him to turn back, but his body urged him forward, towards the thrill, the pleasure, which awaited him. His imagination ran riot and he blanked out everything else until she was all he saw in his mind’s eye, dressed in black leather, black boots and a mask, which hid the wicked satisfactory look on her face. However, her eyes said it all, they would glint as she tapped her whip on her hand and if he were late; he would feel the sting afterwards.
David trembled as he entered the room, his belly was in knots, and perspiration glistened on his brow as he saw her, just as he imagined. She stood by the window like a spider awaiting her prey, and he knew she was going to eat him alive today. He walked towards her and as expected, she breathed in his scent, and he saw the tremor of excitement flow through her body in anticipation of the hour ahead.
“I’ve been waiting.” She purred.
David panicked and looked at his watch. “I am not late, I made it on time.”
She smiled, “Yes you did, now get ready, and I have been looking forward to this all weekend. You know what you are supposed to do; I will strap you in when you are ready, hurry up.”
His breathing was coming in gasps as he positioned himself beneath the straps that would hold him in place as she had her wicked way with his body. He felt he should run and not give in to the desires he so desperately wanted to quash, but it was too late. He inhaled her pheromones as she stood beside him, no, he was going nowhere. His erection throbbed in his pants, he felt embarrassed, almost degraded that she could do this to him, but he needed the exquisite pain, it was what he lived for.
She buckled his feet into the straps while he supported his body weight on his hands, and he shuddered as she touched his body, adjusting his position, making sure he was ready for the torture she would inflict. David closed his eyes and waiting for that first flash of pain that would send his endorphins racing through his body and heard her say,
“Right class, you know the drill, let’s get those buns tight, work those abs and Pecs. No pain, no gain!”
David sighed as the exercise class began, the witch was just warming up, and he wondered if he would survive. However, being the only man in a roomful of hot beautiful women certainly got his work day off to an explosive start, and as he began working his body, his mind wandered to the chocolate ice-cream sitting in the freezer. Yes, he was going to have to return here on a regular basis, for a very long time.