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Children of the Dawn
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Children of the Dawn
©Virginia Alison,2011

Tadita’s sun kissed skin glistened in dusk’s dappled light, which shone through the pines and glanced off the rippling water. Dipping her bare feet into the stream and wriggling her toes, she took a few moments in her solitude, allowing peace into her soul. The river narrowed here and although the water flowed sluggishly, diminished by the summer drought, it was still impossible to cross. What water there was, ran fast over the boulders, brought down from high in the mountain by the winter storms, which sat precariously balanced atop the rocky river bed waiting to move on when the next rains fell.

The clouds gathered over Pasaakw Mountain and early fall showed its face as the gentle breeze sent multicoloured leaves fluttering to the ground. The Koatekw flowed eastward to the sea, and would soon be full again as winter unleashed her wrath on the land.

Dragging her mind away from the bleak prospect of another harsh season, she noticed the bear on the far riverbank. Tadita smiled at the Grizzly, and as their spirits connected for a fleeting moment, they became one with the earth. The mother growled as her two cubs raced from the forest into the sunlight and tumbled into her hind legs. With the connection broken, the family ambled off along the shingle shoreline.

Smiling as she heard her name blowing on the wind, she dipped the deerskin gourd into the water, balanced it on her hip and made her way back through the trees to the shelter that Kimi built in readiness for their union. Her husband toiled long and hard to make a home, and this night, as they became one beneath the stars, Mother Earth would reward them.

A fire blazed within a stone ring in the centre of the wickiup. The smoke spiralled skywards out through the vent in the roof, and the sweet smell of pine filled the lodge. Bearskins and lovingly tanned animal hides lay on a pallet at the rear of the circular floor, some of which had taken more work than the surrounding structure itself; it would make a perfect marriage bed.

This night was special. They had tasted passion but now they belonged to each other, and Tadita knew that she would see the world with new eyes when the sun rose in the morning. Kimi sat in front of the fire, his eyes closed, chanting beneath his breath. Tadita hung the gourd near the doorway and pulled the flap shut. She crawled onto the pallet, and watched her husband as he continued his prayers.

Kimi, the proud warrior son of Kanti, chief of the Algonquin, had been a god in her eyes since childhood. She adored him, he taught her to ride, to shoot, to hunt, and as they grew, to love. He was the most beautiful boy and she adored him unconditionally. Tall, broad and with long black hair, his presence turned heads wherever he went. Many of the young girls in the village desired him, but he only had eyes for her, and Tadita wanted no other.

She watched as he opened his eyes, raised his hands to the heavens and gave thanks for life. Turning to her with a smile and a gleam in his eye, she patted the bearskin beside her, and welcomed him into her arms. Her lithe body melted against his muscles as he leant in to kiss her. His tongue that dipped gently into her mouth tasted of honey, and his skin smelled of the crystal mountain lakes.

He undid the thong that kept the meagre garment hugging her breasts. Tugging at the flimsy hide, it fell away from her body exposing the milky skin, untouched by the sun. Kimi paused for a moment to appreciate his wife and brushed his fingers over a hardening nipple. Tadita’s body responded immediately and juices flow from between her legs at his touch. Kimi’s rough hand flowed over her skin, up to her neck, along her jaw line and he grasped the tie that held her long hair in place. Weaving his fingers between the thick plaited locks, teasing the hair loose, he brought it close to his face, and buried his nose into his love’s scent of newly mown hay.

Tadita giggled as his manhood pressed against her thigh and she wrapped her leg around his waist as he started nibbling on her skin. His lips trailed over her breasts, taking each nipple in turn, languidly twirling his tongue over the dark areola until both buds stood proud of the crinkled skin. Kimi worked loose the knot on her small skirt, hitched it up and slid his hand along the inside of her thigh. Tadita gasped at his fingers tickling her skin as they brushed over the soft thatch of curly hair covering her pouty lips, now dewed with lust’s nectar. Dipping his finger into the wet moist folds, tingles set her body on fire, her eyes glistened and the fervour for him in her womb flushed her cheeks.

Hooking her legs over his shoulders, Kimi spread her wide as his mouth tasted every inch of her perspiring flesh. Her skin fluttered as the muscles contracted in anticipation and Tadita whimpered as his tongue found her moist, pulsing folds and her body arched towards his mouth, eager for release. Dipping into her crevasse, tasting her sweet fluids, Kimi lapped at her sweet pearl, swirling his tongue, sucking at her velvet flesh until her body convulsed beneath him. Gasping for breath and writhing with pleasure, she screamed as her climax slammed through her core. Kimi thrust his tongue into her contracting muscles, relishing the ambrosia that flowed for him.

Kimi stripped the vestiges of clothing from them both, and knelt above her. With no words required, they gazed at each other as the flickering fire shone on their glistening bodies. Deftly he flipped her over and ran his hands over her smooth round cheeks, which quivered with desire. Grasping her hips, he pulled her onto her knees and ran his finger down the crack and deep into her wet tunnel of clenching muscles.

Tadita felt the tip of his shaft probe her entrance, and wriggling her ass towards his body she gasped with pleasure as he slid smoothly into her depths, Moaning as she consumed his tumescence, her lust thrummed in her creamy passage. His body trembled, she excited him so, and he knew he would be unable to stop the momentum once it started. They throbbed together for what seemed an eternity, but her muscles clenching around his rigidity took him past the point of no return, and abruptly he began hard fast plunges into her fathoms.

Tadita’s body heaved, inflamed with desire and greedy for his gratification. She relished his ardent onslaught and welcomed his rapacious appetite. His impetus quickened as he rammed into her, his balls slapping against her hot skin, and panting she sensed his impending orgasm as her own climax rushed through her veins. His thrusts quickened and in unison, their cries echoed around the valley. Her passion gushed as his seed spewed into her body, bonding them together forever. Muscles rippling over his shaft milked him of his lust and as their perspiring replete bodies sank onto the pallet, he held her close and they bathed contentedly in the firelight.

As the new day began, Tadita, still snuggled in his arms, knew the fruit of his loins would bring them joy. She silently gave thanks to the spirits, whose elation reverberated around the mountains, as the dawn chorus coalesced with the Awasos, MÔlsem, and Mgeso, in proclaiming the beginning of a new life.

Pasaakw – Red Pine
Koatekw – Pine River
Awasos - Bear
MÔlsem - Wolf
Mgeso - Eagle

Part of an Abenaki Prayer
Niona Aho Wobenakiak   Kizos Posiwaganogan

Wobenakiak    Mozmozik Odiozon

Kinikinik  Volcanda  Kottliwi   Kwahliwi Tapsiwi

We Are the Children of  the Dawn the People
Of the East  May the Great Spirit and
The Great Creator Bless  Us and Smile upon Us