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Seduction Sublime
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Seduction Sublime

Copyright ©2011 Breathless Nights - Virginia Alison

Fancy, angelic, beauty behold

Talkative, quiet, smouldering bold

Delicate morsel, red wine and dine

Elbows on table, seduction sublime

Teasing, flirting, eyes narrow then


Giggling, fluttering eyes and again

Shoes kicking wild, wandering tootsies,

Unseen strokes, below table footsies,

Pupils dilating, biting on lip

Stimulate senses, defences dip

Rapturous reason, flies out the door

Feet that find throbbing, still wanting more

Quickening movements, finding that gush

Delving in deeply, moistened and lush

Leaning in closer, players are cast

Wickedly luscious, fervid and fast

Glancing around, furtive with dread

Desire so unbound, passions are fed

Droplets of moisture, brow dripping sweat

Breast heaving heavy, impetus met

Rashly voracious, appetites must

Gratify longing, ravening lust

Ecstasy flowing, no return past

Headlong to heaven, fleeting and fast

Satisfied craving, breath evens out

Adjusting clothing, there’s no more doubt

Paying the bill, strutting through door

Hop into taxi, still wanting more

Fingers stray urgent, end is in sight

Scented with sex, they enter the night

Ripped garment drops, wildly and rasp

Enter the walls of pleasure and gasp

Passion aflame, abandon so wild

Screaming with greed, impetus riled

Bucking, driving, thrashing in bliss

And wishing that every date ended like this.