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For the Love of an Angel
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For the Love of an Angel

Copyright ©2011 Breathless Nights - Virginia Alison

The road is long and so to tread,
So very soft her soul is fed
With hope of word and gentle touch
For which she longs and needs so much
For in her heart she finds the key
But where it leads she cannot see

Her dreams they come with lover’s hand
But then they drain as grains of sand
Through time in glass they flow and then
Through time in glass they flow again
No end in sight for yearning loin
Fate takes a part with toss of coin
Passion flows with written word
With hope it will not go unheard
For here the Angel sits on wing
Awaiting for her heart to sing
Its song, but as the days they go
She wonders if it could be so
But full of faith and longing lust
Needs be, she takes now what she must
And look upon the sky so blue
That shines its morning light on you
And wishes that the bright new day
Will bring you to her and to say
You pierced her heart with arrow deep
And in her soul, she will keep
The fire aglow both day and night
She feels  you’re there...just out of sight.