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Steamy Windows
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Steamy Windows
©Virginia Alison

Steamy windows in the night,
Lovers tryst, a fancy flight as secrets lust, yet unknown, known to themselves, and them alone,

Puffs of breath on heated skin, fumbling wildly, as within their passion flows with wanton touch,
Desiring what they need so much.

Pulsing blood runs through their veins, wanting  more, and reaching for that carnal joy, fingers rove,
Seeking for that treasure trove.

Throbbing pearl and twitching rod, searching hands, sliding over skin so hot,  aching need,
Urging for licentious deed

Crushing lips their souls on fire, feelings high, grasping muscles entered fast, gripping tight,
As lust sets wanton needs alight.

Swelling nipples thrust to mouth, gasping breaths, luscious flesh pulled taut with teeth, gentle moans,
Craving for erogenous zones.

Ardent longing, blissful lunge, stroking fast, pushing into moist soft folds, fathoms deep,
From whence those creamy juices seep.

Flowing now, their senses ache, thrusting lewd, greed for fervent motions forge, passion grows,
Riding crests of ebbs and flows.

Fingers splay, against the glass, lunging sinews, panting in their final throes, torrid bliss from pumping shaft , and as they kiss...fear takes their breath, as passing lights, show steamy windows in the night.