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Birds (New!)
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©Keith David


“Wondering why some birds stay, while others simply fly away?”

Faces in a crowd appear like images drifting on a cloud

Raining down, passing silently or sometimes sticking around


“Dance here, Run there, Work and Toil everywhere!”

Cosmic strings of light go crack, swirling and churning in the black,

Playing us like a puppet pack, while monkeys frolic on our back.


“What is the key and where can it be, why is it so elusive to me?”

Plodding along, wanting to want not because I need, but simply to feed

Jealousy, envy, desire and greed work on my soul like wind to seed


“Take me away from myself, leave me alone when I can’t be helped!”

Expecting too much, still wanting more, self loathing, pity, anger galore

Trying to hide emotions I deplore, but they wash like waves against the shore


“Tender touch and warm bright heart, more than I deserve, please never part.”

The birds that stay will light my way, choose my path and start today

With your love, we chart a way to make our life a work of art each day


“There is one hope for me, and all I can see, is the way we all should be.”

For any peace or joy that will be, share with friends, but start inside me

And if you agree, please say these words with me, “Let my love shine and blessed be”