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Simon Peter
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Simon Peter

©Keith David


He came into our hearts a twinkle,

A promise, a wish.

He grew into a spark,

Excitement and anticipation.

The spark became flame,

Hope and joy.


As Simon Peter grew in his mother,

He grew in our hearts.

Touching our souls with pure love,

From the safety of the womb.

He was whole and holy,

The most untainted of God’s creatures.


Upon heavenly wings he ascended,

The brightest of all souls.

Having never been born into sin,

His place is special in heaven.

For his brilliant, perfect soul,

Will become the most beautiful of all angels.


Simon Peter will forever remain,

A flame burning in our hearts.

The most stunning and pristine,

Of all Angels in heaven.

Held in God’s own hands,

As they watch over our family.