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Searching for Happiness
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Searching for Happiness

©Keith David


A small child wanders alone,

feebly searching the emptiness,

groping for clues to Happiness.


Paths marked with false promises,

dead ends and changing definitions

supply bewilderment, trepidation and loneliness.


Elusively evading, undefined and enigmatic,

it offers glimpses, hints and teases of truth,

fueling the need to continue.


Almost imperceptible at times, tiny voices

whisper in the mind of meaning,

directions and guidance along the venue.


Some voices mumble and some yell,

some are evil and some good,

who knows which to pursue?


Looking outward, the child grasps

at others who journey the abyss,

hoping joy will ensue.


It cannot be seized, captured or taken

from without and the adolescent learns

looking inward provides a clearer view.


Inside the mind and heart

a small light; a flame begins burning,

warming and Happiness begins its debut.


Nurtured only from within,

holding hope, peace and goodness

the twinkle begins to renew.


Warily at first, fearing pain and vulernability,

the teenager begins giving away parts of this radiant flicker

to illuminate and comfort a few.


In some the glimmer grows to fire,

others die from misdirection,

neglect, selfishness, and misconstrue.


The adult learns from trials and tribulations,

love given cultivates the glow,

causing it to develop to a stunning hue.


Some burn intense and dazzling,

shooting beams of energy,

lighting the dark empty black and blue.


Others waver, sputtering aimlessly

as the child’s soul searches in vain

for meaning to luck into.


Blessed are the few, who grow

and learn Happiness

can only be found within you.