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Touch, Feel, Love
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Touch, Feel, Love

©Keith David, 2010


Firmly, tightly, holding

Arms, legs, envelop my body

Safety, security, ... comfort


Gently, delicately, barely grazing

Fingertips, back, cover my skin

Lazy, caring, ... heaven


Squeezing, kneading, pressing

Hands, shoulders, your tight muscles

Relax, let go, ... enjoy


Moistly, softly, tenderly

Lips, mouth, tongues dancing together

Tingling, excitement, ... eagerness


Roaming, wandering, unhurried

Skin, skin, hands, exploring the surface

Joy, eagerness,… expectancy


Holding, pinching, sucking

Hands, breasts, lips pulling and licking

Wetness, firmness, ... swelling


Swirling, tasting, lapping

Tongue, lips, clit, teasing the button

Twitches, squeezing, ...giving


Pressing, holding, waiting

Bodies, tip, slit, almost entering

Anticipation, hunger, ... passion


Penetrating, filling, encompassing

Sex, sex, opening the heart

Heat, fervor, ... lust


Pumping, pulling, grinding

Cock, pussy, feeding the fire

Paradise, drive, ... need


Pausing, building, uniting

Heart, heart, becoming one

Tightness, togetherness, ... fullness


Touching, knowing, holding

Body, mind, discovering true beauty

Commitment, wholeness, ... oneness


Cumming, squeezing, throbbing

Sex, body, blowing my mind

Release, fatigue ... completeness


Knowing, joining, touching

Heart, soul, we become one

Bliss, ecstasy, ... LOVE