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Her Smile
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Her Smile
©BreathlessNights - Keith David, 2011


I don’t remember the first time I met her,
But I was young and didn’t have use for girls
Back then, it was toy guns and army men

I remember falling in love with her though
Like it was yesterday, and I was still young
She was radiant, beautiful, and youthful

Dancing and twisting on the inside
Her simple smile gave me chills for days
Anyone else was unimportant, my world changed

Fooling around and got in trouble for her attention
Dad spanked me, but it was worth it
Because she smiled at my craziness

My mom drove on our first date
Movies, I saved for weeks to pay her way
I wanted to, I was proud and she smiled

Friendship to courtship lasting years
Junior and high school sweethearts
Smiling prom queen, I proudly escorted

A simple wedding in the family’s garden
Same priest who baptized us both
Her smile lit my soul and world

Honeymoon full of giggles and fun
Fumbling with buttons and red faces
Touched for the first time, love sealed

Hard work, building a family and home
My partner, my best friend
An amazing wife, devoted mother

We smiled and cried, laughed and fought
Much more good than bad as years rolled
I finished her sentences, she rubbed my back

Grandparent and parents died, friends lost
Children grown and wrinkles deepened
She still smiled brighter than the sun

I sat one day, trying to imagine life
Without my wife, my friend, my heart
Unfathomable, devoid of hope, no sunshine

I retired, she still worked so hard
Caring for me, the house and grandchildren
Strong and healthy, always a smile for me

My diagnosis was dire, grim and terminal
Anger, pity then acceptance of what would be
The bed became my world, her task

She tried to smile for me, but didn’t feel it
Holds my hand and brushes my hair
Her warmth and love shine in my soul

Watching her worry while she cares
Staring long moments through the glass
Dreaming or wishing, but not smiling much

Family gathers around my bed
Young priest crosses my head
She sits beside me, full of dread

I see a light growing in my mind
A hand reaches out across time
To welcome me home

I cannot leave my wife behind
But the light is warm like her sunshine
I open my eyes, and move my mouth

The smell of lilacs and lavender
Her hair touches my face as whispers exchange
And I am alone for a moment in time

Until the warmth of her light fills my soul
Her hand in mine, we pass together through time
And I feel her smile with me, forever.