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Gambling with Love
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Gambling with Love

©Keith David 2010, ©Virginia Alison 2010

I sit alone, my back to the bar holding a glass of tequila and watching the crowd. Ding, ding, ding. Clink, clink, clink. Coins hit the silver tray, announcing another winner in the cacophony of the casino. Bells, buzzers, lights and cigarette smoke fill my senses until she saunters casually to the bar. Knee-high leather boots climb her fishnet-covered thighs, ending well before the hem of her tiny miniskirt, but it is her erect nipples pointing through the thin silk blouse that captures my attention. The din evaporates in an instant as all my senses focus on her.

“Hello there!”

Men, I had seen them all in the past twenty-four hours, tall and short, balding and hairy, thin and scrawny, fat and paunchy. I can’t remember how many times my butt had been squeezed, patted, fondled and groped, in the lift, at the bar, on the slot machines and I’m not even going to mention what happened when I bent over the roulette table. So heading for the bar when the only spare seat available is next to the best looking hunk I’d ever seen, ‘Lady Luck’s with me tonight,’ I think as I offer my hand,

“Well, good evening.”

Our eyes meet as I take her hand and softly kiss her fingers. Drawing in her alluring scent it seems to spark my libido. It is the last day of my vacation and I have hit the jackpot! Her blue eyes sparkle and those shimmering wet lips seem to beg me to kiss them. Excitement erupts like lightening between us as she smiles and my cock twitches to life in my pants. Still holding her hand I whisper,

“I must say, your beauty makes the morning sun look like the dull glimmer of the moon. Shall we dance here or in my room?”

‘Oh my, he’s forward, but what is a girl to do when faced with such an Adonis,’ I muse as the electricity sparks with our first touch, the dampness between my legs makes me blush a little as I think, ‘your room, and better make it fast,’ so taking a deep breath I reply,

“Your room, that sounds like music to my ears,” and hoping he has some ice in his suite, I turn to the bar tender, “A bottle of bubbly my good man,” and gasp as I feel a hand slide up my thigh.

I take her hand and we stroll to the elevator. Pressing ‘9’, the doors close and I lean in to taste those taunting lips. Both her arms and one leg wrap tightly around me, my hands grab her ass as we kiss. She tastes more luscious than I could have imagined as our tongue probes and swirl together. Passion ignites like wildfire as my hands roam her body wildly and our breath becomes hurried between deep, lingering kisses. The doors open on ‘6’, and I glance between kisses at the senior citizens staring opened mouth, but I do not miss a beat and hit the ‘close’ button.

My body fits his like a glove, as folding myself around him I sink into his kiss. By the time the doors open on the ninth, we are scrabbling at each other’s clothes, much to the amusement of the bellhop who neatly sidesteps us on his way into the elevator. After much fumbling with the key, we fall into the room and he kicks the door shut behind us. Pushing his jacket off his shoulders and ripping open the linen shirt reveals his sun tanned chest, which heaves as I slide my hands over his skin, damp with perspiration.

Clothes and hands fly as our hungry mouths struggle to remain connected. Her blouse is gone; I rip her bra in two. She wiggles from her miniskirt, which falls without removing those awesome leather boots. No panties and thigh high fishnets excite my cock until it is straining against my slacks. Lifting her gently onto the bed, I begin to ravage her left nipple. Swirling my tongue and feeling it hard and pointed in my mouth gives me an evil idea. I grab a single cube of ice, place it between my front teeth, and run slow, wet circles around her nipple.

It is pure delight as he trails the ice around the dark brown skin that crinkles with the chill sending ripples of ecstasy flowing through me. Gasping I push my breast towards him, nerves fire like sparks as each movement makes my juices flow freely from my throbbing sheath.  Rolling him onto his back and sitting astride his thighs, I loosen his trousers. His hot sex springs from its trappings. Grabbing a cube from the ice bucket, I slide it slowly from the base of his cock, up around the rim, to the dewdrop glistening from the slit.

Cold water drips down my shaft as I watch the devilish grin in her blue eyes. The ice pressed against my tiny sensitive slit is almost too much and I gasp and squirm to get away, but want more at the same time. She torments my throbbing pole until it is chilled and dripping wet. I grab and twist her body pulling her on top of me, her legs straddling my face, and her warm mouth envelopes my rod. My arms wrap her hips and I swirl the ice over her puckered ass, dripping cold water down her slit as my tongue swirls around her hard clit.

The freezing water running down my slit is torturous pleasure. My clit throbs within his grasp and I have to come up for air as the moans rush from my lips. Drops of precum peeking out of the slit of his pulsing cock glisten in the dim light. Enveloping the bulbous hood, I glide my tongue over his nectar as my teeth gently grasp the rim. Swirling over the velvety skin, I taste his musky sex, my orgasm builds and I wriggle my butt towards his seeking tongue desperate for a release.

I struggle to keep her clit in my mouth as the combination of pussy grinding against my lips and her mouth expertly working my cock sends me ever so close to my climax. Holding her hips firmly, my tongue lashes her nub, running up and down her moist petals. Warm, sticky juice coats my face and I thrust my hips attempting to impale her mouth with my rod. Her legs twitch and writhe around my head as my orgasm crashes through my body, sending waves of pleasure through me and jets of hot cum into her mouth.

The creamy liquids shooting from his throbbing heat combined with his mouth suddenly clamping and sucking on my clit, take their toll and my body screams with pleasure. Sucking every bit of ambrosia from him, I twist away and sit atop his thighs. Stifling a giggle at my juices covering his mouth, I lean over for the champagne and pour a little on his lips and lean in to kiss him. The intoxicating taste of sex mixed with the sharp bubbles send my senses into overdrive as I plunge my tongue into his mouth.

Grabbing her hips, I wiggle her until my still rock hard shaft finds a warm home inside her slick sheath. The Champagne kisses are divine mixed with her honey sweet sex juice and we giggle as I pull her hard against my body. We grind and writhe together for hours until we become breathless with blissful release and collapse, spent after copious rounds of steamy sex. Rolling together on our sides, I wrap her in my arms and pull the covers over our exhausted bodies as sleep falls like a blanket and I feel complete and wonderful.

He stuffs himself into every available orifice during the night and I lose track of how many orgasms shudder through my body before I finally drift into a satiated dreamland.

Waking the following morning I dress and go downstairs, have breakfast and then bump into him outside the hotel. The car arrives and he opens the door for me to slip into the driver’s seat. “I need a good night’s sleep,” and I blush as he slips into the passenger side. Role-play can be just as much fun when you are husband and wife!