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A Winters Tale
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A Winters Tale

©Keith David 2010 ©Virginia Alison 2010



The trees rustle their disapproval as she wakes to a full moon. The black wraith’s urge to feed grows with each passing day, and the forest feels the pain oozing from her depths as she rises from the long forgotten crypt. It has been too many nights since last, they met, and her desperate need to taste his skin heightens on nights such as these, when the pull of the moon forces her, to once, again walk the night in search of blood.


Wan and transparent, her skin, still youthful, is pale against her jet-black curls. She bites her lips, relishing the bittersweet taste of iron that seeps from the wound, reminding her that he is waiting, always waiting.


The walls of the dank tomb are crumbling with age, the lichen, moss and ivy slither through the cracks that have appeared over the centuries, allowing the moonlit rays to shine through the dust suspended within the ancient sepulchre. Mildew covers every surface, even her cold resting place, once white satin is now greying as the unseen fungus creeps insidiously from the chilled winter earth.


The woods are eerily silent as she glides through the pine and bracken, not even the wolf dares to roam abroad tonight. Her gown, already in tatters, catches on the branches that obstruct her path, their spindly fingers shrivelling as they touch her ethereal flesh leaving a trail of decay as she continues her iniquitous journey.



The cave is cold and dank, drips of water falling in the dark from the ceiling to small pools below marking the passing of time. His eyes pop open with a start as the ghostly silence washes over like a storm cloud; something is not right in the night. Shaking blood into cold limbs, his dry tongue runs over cracked lip. Hunger begins to grip him with the primal need to feed.


He senses her presence in the night, the silence screams of it and her cold chill hovers like a blanket over the forest. Dragging his tongue slowly over the tips of his teeth, he bends his fingers back, cracking knuckles in preparation for the fight. The scent of the night rushes in with a single deep breath and he catches a faint whiff of her.


With a single leap, he takes flight, his red eyes navigating the dark of the night and his black cape once shiny and new, now waves dimly and silently in the breeze of his motion. Twisting through the cave, he breaks free into bright of the moonlight and glides above the trees in search of a meal. The coppery, iron taste of blood mixed with fear or lust consumes his every thought and begins playing like a mantra in his mind.


Like iron drawn to a magnet, he will find his prey. As the scent becomes stronger, he begins to sense the presence of desire and feels her need drawing him closer. She is strong tonight, he must be careful or she will consume him completely and the game will be over. Just as the thought of her delicious life force nearly causes his head to spin, he spots her gliding along the forest floor below.




He is overhead, she senses his urge to feed, and she smells his lust on the breeze. Pausing in her flight and with her heart pounding in her chest, she looks skyward. Just out of sight, each turn of her head catches a black form outlined in the moons rays, smiling to herself, where she goes, he will follow, and she can feel his deep red eyes boiling the blood within the veins that feed her desire.


She changes direction onto the path that will lead her deeper into the forest, the sacred burial ground is ahead, it is there that they will take each other to the depths of depravity. Her body craves his licentious games, which, as their bodies fuse, will take them to the pinnacle of ecstasy.


The clouds scuttle across the sky, momentarily blocking the moons rays, and the demons that roam the earth in the darkness emerge from the shadows. Caressing her chilled body, they impel her forward, their wretched bodies exuding impious unfulfilled yearnings of years past. Wailing in their solitude, they grasp at her garments with bony fingers until she flees naked down the incline and into the stone circle, in the centre of which stands the altar.


Lying on the cold stone, she waits for his touch as he hovers above. His eyes alight with lust; he gazes on the familiar milky white body. He relishes the first taste of her sweet skin that oozes with her feminine allure whilst fully aware that succumbing to her wiles could lead to his demise.




Creamy white skin framed with shreds of cloth greyed with time and decay beckon him to feed. The scent of desire permeates the air, yet no mortal would notice the nuances that inextricably draw him to her. She waits, enticing and daring him to the fight with her pose. Still hovering high above, he watches her open mouth and drawn lips brandishing the teeth she will use to penetrate his skin. Her soft moans drawing him as her form writhes in anticipation.


Hunger builds in his belly and fire grows with a throbbing intensity in his loins. He cannot resist any longer and with startling speed, he descends upon her, but she is ready. Their hands lock and an earthly scream echoes through the trees. The undead rise from the earth and stagger to the clearing to behold the dance while hoping for his demise so they might eat tonight.


Bodies pressed tightly together, struggling for control. An ethereal oozing vapour covers the ground. Diving for the pulsing vein on her neck, she struggles and pulls away just as his mouth chomps down and bites his own tongue. The coppery iron juice flows into his mouth, but he needs hers to fill him and she has thwarted his first attack.


With arms pinned above her head, he leans in with crimson red blood dripping from his lips to kiss her. Her lips are warm and her tongue laps at his juice like a hungry animal. He knows it’s only enough to tease, but she draws his energy with it, energy he needs so desperately not to lose himself completely to her…and the ghouls waiting to devour him.




Hands reach out tearing at his clothes as the unearthly union struggles upon the cold stone. Naked, his skin, cold and clammy, oozes lust as his urge to ravish her grows. Blood seeping from his mouth, smears over her chin and down her neck as he seeks his reward. Her breasts are full and ripe and he takes a nipple in his mouth. Biting hard, she screams as he draws first blood and feeds like a babe on the dark red milk.


The frenzy slows for a moment as she allows him to regain his strength. His hunger appeased, for a short while, he continues on his quest. His mouth tastes the soft deathly embrace that awaits him, between her writhing thighs. He can smell the decay on her skin that has brought them to this place. She urges him on as the ghouls tremble and cower at the cries emanating from the circle of lust, the spilt blood feeding their desire. Drooling, they echo the screams, eager for their fill.


Wrapping her legs around him, she holds him close to her body as his mouth finds that which he seeks. Lost within her depths whilst her body thrashes in ecstasy, and trapped within her grasp for eternity, he is unable to refuse her wiles. Knowing she must feed soon, his soul, already doomed, now lost to the siren of the night, and takes no comfort from her slowly putrefying ambrosia.


Her anguished body is failing. She weakens, as he drains her passion, her translucent skin shimmers as it begins to shrink on her skeletal form. She shrieks as blood forces its way through her shrivelling veins, and with her carnality satiated, he know he can take his fill of her torpid body. She reaches for him as he towers over her supine form, her dying fingers clawing for his skin as he spears her with his heinous rod.




Powerfully excited, bursting with ecstatic energy drawn from her withering body, yet he knows he has already gone too far. Unable to resist her divine essence, the pure bliss extracted and magnified within his soul will feed her until his spirit is empty. As he penetrates hard and fast to the depth of her cold, dry sex, the energy pulsing and bursting within his body begins to drain slowly with delightful pleasure through his throbbing sword.


Moaning ghouls close in around the couple as the ballet of their hedonistic dances plays for them to see. Their scabby finger pawing, trying to gain a grip and first right to feed knowing one or the other will succumb. They bear witness to the energy exchanging between the couple, her body taken to a shell, recovering its supple and radiant form as his pales.


His cock is milked and sucked as her once cold pussy become heated and wet. Pulling energy through the length of his shaft and out the tip, each stroke feels orgasmic as he pounds relentlessly. She regains youthful vitality with his energy spreading rapidly and giving life to what was her shrivelling body.


Their screaming groans temporarily stall the ghouls advance, but the power released fuels their bloodlust and need to feed. His energy waning, he feels a final surge build within his loins. Knowing release would damn his soul to oblivion and his body to the ghouls, he attempts to pull back. Her legs wrap his torso, trapping and pulling him against grinding hips. Cresting his orgasm, the explosion fills her with all the energy in his soul. She matches the climax with her own as his power is transforms her, and he collapses in a heap on top of her.




She strokes his hair as her body shudders in the aftermath. As their breathing slows she weeps, tears flow from the corner of her eyes and drip onto the altar. Fizzling as they land she feels the weight of the world upon her soul as she cries for him.


He lifts his head, understanding her despair, and knowing that she has no choice. Kissing her softly he looks into her pools of darkness that swirl and twist, drawing him into purgatory. He feels her pain and as the last vestiges of his energy drain into her, he gives her his gift.


She hesitates for but a moment. Aware of his blood coursing through his veins, and with anguish driving her forth she takes his offering into her mouth. She licks the salt from his skin, savouring his taste, before driving her teeth into his neck, and he screams as his life force flows.


The ghouls, shuffling around the tortured souls shriek as they watch the naked lover’s waver before their eyes and abruptly spin away from their grasp. The wretched creatures groan in despair as the vortex carries the couple past the treetops, and into the starry night above. Spiralling into the heavens, their spirits join as she takes her love to eternity. Having walked the fire and brimstone of the earth for eons, begging forgiveness, the gods have granted them peace. Her lips meet his for the final time as they enter the atmosphere, pledging their undying love.


In the centuries to come, the souls that walk the earth will look to, ‘The Lost Lovers.’ twinkling, together forever in the northern sky. The breeze will whisper their story, and bound for eternity within unearthly passions they will gaze upon the world as it slowly turns, their timeless light shining upon those who lose their way.