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©Keith David 2010 ©Virginia Alison 2010

K - Soul screaming echoes reverberated through his mind, warning of danger yet his body could not resist. Blazed red hair shimmered under light of the full moon as the deep blue azure like crystal eyes bore into his essence, inexplicably drawing him into the aura of her spirit. His mind fought to resist what his body could not control and his world collapsed into her. Shining white teeth wooed him with a warm smile, turned on the corners with evil intention and warmth enveloped his body. She…


V...exuded all of the Cardinal Sins through her pores, all that which could not be forgiven, yet, within, as her corona wrapped around his failing fortitude, a profound understanding of this creature of the night, to whom he succumbed so readily, welcomed her past the barriers of desire. The glints of auburn brushed his face leaving luminous trails that glistened in the radiance emanating from the orb of night as promises of impermissible sureties of Gula, fornicatio and Avaritia dawned within his pulsing body and he....


K...knelt before her as if praying to a Goddess.


She placed gentle reassuring strokes along his long golden hair as if trying to soothe a scared puppy and with each stroke he could feel what little was left of his free will vanish into the surrounding mist. Those smiling white teeth bore fangs which dripped of lust and eternal heaven, pulling against his very essence, the blood surging and pulsing in his neck began to plead for her to taste. With one finger under his chin, she lifts him to stand before her.


Purring hot breath along his face and neck while fingers circle his chest and nipples, she teases him with her paradise. He feels the warmth of her tongue dance along his jugular, teasing the skin as it lies soft feeling the pulse of his heart as her fingers trail lower on his belly. Breathe gone, he stands motionless save the tremble of each muscles as her fingers glide over them. Her tongue leaves his neck and for a moment he feels empty and lost until her voice whispers hot in his ear. Her hands deftly undo the trappings of his loins, his pants falling unceremoniously to his ankles.


A purring hot whisper upon his soul, “Ummm, my pet has come to me tonight. You will be mine. I will eat you and drink your blood, and all earthly pleasures shall be wrapped in me for you to have forever. Do you submit to me tonight my pet?” Simultaneously with this sweet sound in his ear, her fingers wrap the throbbing in his loins with a squeeze and gentle teasing stroke.


His eyes roll back into his head, mouth gaping wide as she spins a trance with her words and actions. Hers was not a question, but a command he was powerless not to follow. Barely able to speak he moaned his acquiescence, will destroyed and bliss began to overtake his spirit as he spell was nearly complete. She…


V....reaches down and takes his hand, raising his fingers to her breast. "Do you feel what I feel my sweet?". Her hand, reassuring on his, bending him to her will, pressuring him to knead the soft tissue, feeling the rush as her life force flows into the pulsing veins beneath his touch.


Tearing his eyes from hers he looks down at her ample mound, heaving under his skin, her nipple straining through the soft silken fabric, tempting his other hand to slide around her hips. A sharp pain, accompanied by a venomous growl snaps his head back to see a glint of fangs and feels long nails dig deep into the flesh of his hand as it is swept from her body.


"Mine to give, not yours to take", her eyes flash and he cowers before her, his swollen member bursting as she increases the pressure with malevolent intent. He hears a shrill scream echoing in his his head, dying only as the grip is released. His body on fire as blood rushes around his veins and she smells the fear oozing from his pores.


"Be still my love, I am here to give you only that which you have desired in your darkest nightmares", her words hang in the air as he...


K…attempts to regain his breath in deep panicked gasps. Yet the pain brings excitement and his entire being pulses and throbs as his heart pounds in his chest.


She smiles knowing how much she loves the taste of fear mixed with desire when she drinks. “I’m hungry, now it’s time…” Grabbing a handful of his silken blond locks she pulls his head violently back, exposing his neck and the pounding vein along the edge as her other hand regains control of his harden manhood.


For an instant, the desire to flee flashes through his mind and he remembers he is bigger and stronger than this woman. The thought confuses him, but vanishes as she strokes him while licking the glaze of dewed sweat from his neck and he melts powerless into her. The unexpected pain of her bite brings a gasp as he sucks air to replace what was involuntarily forced from his lungs. Feels the licking and sucking along his neck he hears her swallow deeply of his life forces as her stroking increases speed and intensity.


The world around him seems to part and split, swirling in a vortex tunnel away from him as he believes he is falling, but her mouth and hand never part his skin. The stroking and sucking continue in a hedonistic primal delight she works her spell, purring through moaned sighs of delight and passion. Rapidly driving the intensity to a fever pitch, she pumps and suck as his world closes to a small tunnel, and his body convulses and spasms in release.


Lost in the taste of his beautiful energy, she has taken him nearly to the point of no return. To which his soul would be damned to wander the universe aimlessly for eternity, but she stops just as…


V...his body screams, his breath held in the throes of orgasmic splendor as time ceases to exist, the shroud rising between this world and the next, he is held between sanity and the cataclysm of Hades. Purgatory awaits as he floats through the labyrinth of lost phantoms, each in their own despair as she holds his fate in her hand. He throbs, his body rending, ripping into shreds as the primordial ooze seeks entrance to his doomed soul.


She waits, his body now a mere shell, his spirit floating in the abyss of darkest dreams, gently closing the now cloudy, misty black orbs that see no more, silence rings out. His aura, once golden, now blood red, wavering and shimmering around his mortality.


His erection set as stone, he wanders through the underworld of death, every neuron alive, sparking and screaming silently. He knows his life hands by a thread, should she choose to spill his life force on the earth, there will be no return.


Her hand still holds his heat, she feels the throbbing as her body pulses with renewed blood and...


K…ripples of pleasure wash across her. Orgasmic bliss barely compares to the taste of ecstasy as his energy throbs within. His soul was supreme and magnificence unlike any other she had tasted. Gazing down upon empty flesh she closes her eyes and realizes she wants more, needs more of this incredible specimen and the decision is made.


Piercing the alabaster skin of her wrist, the crimson energy drips forth in a slow stream of tiny drops. Pushed by pulsing heart beats, they trail downward until they drip into his gapping mouth. His mortal skin remains lifeless and still as the red drops lands on his pale tongue and trickles lazily down his throat.


Whispers begin to call his spirit from the abysmal hell of the unknown and a tiny dot of light appears, pulling his spirit towards it. Like a silent freight train he is drawn faster and faster towards the growing luminosity until with a retching gasp he slams into the beam and is trust back into his mortal skin. In a shattering heave his senses return with the sweet, iron taste on his tongue.


She knells next to him, stroking his face and his first sight is her blazed red hair and crystal blue eyes as he regains consciousness.


“Be still my love, you are safe now. You will be with me forever.”


He struggles to comprehend all that has happened. Soul sucked dry, set adrift and pulled back from oblivion. Has she saved him from eternal insanity or is he damned to repeat this cycle again and again until she tires of him. Soul screaming echoes reverberate through his mind once again, but he feels her touch on his skin, the beauty in his eyes and as the scent of lilacs and honey fills his nose he realizes he doesn’t care.