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Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Day 3 Ch 18
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Friday - Chapter 18
©Virginia Alison, ©Keith David, ©Tiffany St David, ©Lucy Dee Blake

Exhausted and drained both physically and emotionally, I sleep like a log with Tiffany wrapped tightly in my arms. The alarm startles me from a deep, dreamless sleep as I search in a daze for the clock to quiet the shrieking. A soft kiss on the back of Tiffany’s neck, and I coil her to me for a quick snooze. Holding her tightly, I press my morning wood against her as I tenderly cup her breast in my hands until the snooze once again sends its shrill reminder that life must go on today.

“Good morning my love”

A final kiss before a quick shower, and she sighs mounting a small protest by holding my hand to her breast and wiggling against my stiff member, but we both know I have to get going. The thought of facing them at work this morning does not help with the lack of enthusiasm either, but I have to do it. I chuckle for a second thinking what Davey is going to say about this whole thing, but he probably will not even believe me.

Dressing quickly, I race down the stairs to see Tiffany wrapped in her robe with a cup of coffee and bagel ready for me to grab as I run out. I guess I have lost track somewhere along the way truly of how good a wife she is to me.

“Tiffany, thank you so much. I am so sorry about all this and the last few years. I will honestly try to be a better husband. So, we are on for dinner, right? I will be home in time to get ready and we will go together. Wish me luck; I need to sell a few cars today.”

“ I love you Tom, I am looking forward to tonight. I just don’t know what Rosie has in store for us now.”

A quick kiss and meaningful embrace as she sends me on my way with smiling trepidation, but I have to take Tiffany’s car as I didn’t bring mine home due to the events from last night. I call her from the road and ask if she can have Lu bring her to the dealership or maybe we can pick it up later or something.

I force a smile onto my face and tell him I will come and pick it up later, even if I have to call a cab to take me over there.

I close the front door softly behind him and survey my living room. Except for the candles, which I will leave in place, everything is in order. Back in the kitchen, I spread honey on a bagel and wolf it down with a cup of coffee. Except for the strawberries we fed each other last night and the bit of pasta at Lu’s I have not eaten in twenty-four hours.

My mouth feels like shag carpeting, dry and fuzzy, as I peel my eyelids open. I look around blearily and the empty Jack Daniels bottle topples from my limp hand. I close my eyes again at the glare from the light of morning, hold my head, and groan.

I sit up. Opening my eyes for a second time, I glance around my apartment. I sigh, considering the fact that I may have to take a prolonged vacation. Everything I set my eyes upon reminds me of the day before, of my brief chance at living my dream. I had reached for it, grasped it, savoured it for a fleeting moment, and now I would have to let it go again...possibly forever.

I get up, kicking the bottle aside as I make for the kitchen with coffee on my mind. It hurts more than I expect it to, and hissing in pain, I grab at my toe and half hobble, half hop the rest of the way into the kitchen, still in my pink satin and lace get up. Tired and achy, when I reach the sink, I release my foot and run my fingers through my mussed blond hair.

Prepping coffee seems to take forever, and I stare longingly at the pot, my elbow propped on the counter and my chin resting in my hand.

“Damn, Lucy. You and your idiotic ideas - you may have fixed things for her, but you ruined things for yourself. If you had just waited, he would have driven her away, and you could have had her all to yourself. She might have been mopey and miserable for a while, but she would have been yours,” I told myself.

It was all talk, and I knew it. I could never let her be that way if I could prevent it. That was why I had let Rosie in. That was why I had agreed to all of this in the first place. Her happiness over mine...it had always been that way.

I make sure that the coffee is good and strong, and drink it black, needing that bitter caffeinated edge to slice through my dehydrated haze. I do not like the way it tastes without cream and sugar, and I suck it back in great gulps. Once I had downed half of the cup, I slog my way back into my bedroom, resting the cup on the dresser as I reach to turn on some music.

Mustang Sally. I cringe at first, and then I flop onto my bed, face down. I scream into my pillow, punching at it with frustrated gusto. I would never be able to hear that song again without a sense of loss and gloom. I should have picked something else. It is ruined for me.

Taking a deep breath and sniffling back my dismay, I drag myself to a sitting position and search the room with my eyes for my large tote bag. When I find it, I get to my feet and pad over to it. I crouch there and consider what I need to pack. I do not care where I will be going, as long as it is away. I will go for as long as I feel it is necessary, until the loneliness numbs to a dull emptiness – maybe by then Tiff will be willing to accept what I had done for her as a matter of good intention.

All I will need are a few articles of clothing and my camera equipment. I open a couple of drawers, and I begin to toss things into the bag.

Lu. My stomach sinks and the memories come flooding back. I put my head in my hands and sob, letting the tears come freely. Anger mixes with the pain of betrayal, anger that is directed more at Rosie than at Lu, although I wonder just how mixed up in all of this my best friend is. I now know that she kept me occupied while Rosie went after Tom, and I also know that later on she abused my husband and then fucked him. Oh, I know that Tom is not exactly an innocent party in all of this – the man has always had a very strong sexual drive – but I really do not think he would have cheated on me without a lot of coercion. Shuddering, trying to regain control of my emotions, I take a sip of my now-cold coffee, grimacing at the bitter taste.

I clean the kitchen and go upstairs to the bedroom, pausing in the doorway to look at the remnants of the platter of fruit and chocolate, and the half-filled bottle of champagne…the rumpled sheets. Another set of memories grips me, and I smile. Last night with Tom had been the most incredible since our honeymoon. The man knows how to please a woman that is for sure. He had held himself back to pleasure me repeatedly until I screamed for release…I shudder, remembering, and my hand creeps to the juncture of my thighs, touching my still-sensitive clit. A nice warm shower is in order, so that I can relive the memories of last night….smiling, I head into the bathroom and turn on the water…the smell of Tom’s cologne still lingers, and I step under the warm spray and begin to masturbate, remembering his touch, his smell, the way his fingers and tongue played my body to a crashing crescendo, and I cum, my cream drenching my fingers as I throw my head back and gasp out his name.

After the shower, my body still tingling, I think about the day ahead. I need to get over to the dealership to pick up my car and I stare at the telephone as I get dressed, slipping on a short skirt and a t-shirt that bares my midriff because it’s already warm and sticky out, typical Florida weather, putting my hair up in a loose ponytail. For now, I dispense with a bra because of the heat, but I do slip on a thong. Do I call for a cab, or do I take my courage in hand and call Lu to come pick me up? I need to talk to her, figure out her role in all of this, what she knows about Rosie and her intentions. Gathering up my courage, not even sure what I will say when she answers the phone, I pick up the receiver and dial her number. It rings and rings, but she does not pick up. Perplexed, I slowly put down the phone without leaving a message. Is she still asleep? In the shower? Avoiding me?  All these questions and more, race around my head, making it spin. My good mood suddenly flat, I drag myself upstairs. While I decide whether to try calling Lu again later, or get a cab over to the dealership to pick up my car, I am going to check out my wardrobe and decide what to wear to our anniversary dinner....

Stretching my arms and opening one eye I see the clock reads eight-thirty. My body feels like it has been run over by a bulldozer and I am gasping for a coffee. Ten minutes later, I am lounging on the sofa, coffee in hand and laptop perched on the table in front of me. ‘Hmm, very interesting’ I muse as I read the contents of an email that has come in overnight. I am not entirely surprised and I laugh; some things are just meant to be.

Awake and ready for the final day of my assignment I make a few phone calls. The first to Alan to make sure he is ready for our meeting at lunchtime, the second to Lorenzo’s to finalised the details for the ‘happy’ couples Anniversary dinner, the third to Marvin and what should have been a ‘quick word in your ear’ call, turned out to be a lengthy half hour negotiation. I should have known better really, although an astute businessman these days, I did have to remind him as to how he got where he is, however a little bargaining and a lot of laughs later we ended on a happy note. The final call of course is to Freddie, reminding him to clean the Limo as he would be needing it tonight.  My ever faithful Freddie - he reminded me so much of my Dad, bless his heart. I will need to ring Lu but I know her sleeping habits and decide I’d better let her have a lie in, I think she’s going to need all the sleep she can get.

A nice long leisurely shower to awaken certain parts of my body that the coffee refused to touch is followed by second and third cup of caffeine. Make-up done and hair tied up, I’ve chosen to wear a soft floaty, low cut, cream dress with a small black jacket, hat and accessories. I still have an hour until I have to leave the house so I get down to doing a little paper work and sifting through next week’s assignments.

I hear a car horn beeping.  Getting up, I lean out the window to see Freddie leaning on the car. “Two secs, Honey,” I shout. I grab my bag, hat and slip on my shoes, a final glance in the mirror and I am off.

“Where to, Rosie?” Freddie asks cheerfully,

“Back to Marvin’s’ car lot Freddie, I promise I will give you a couple of days off after today,” and he laughs, puts the radio on and then proceeds to serenade me, very badly, all the way there. Getting out of the cab, I bend down at his window, “Freddie, thank you for the love songs, but please, please don’t give up your day job,” and blow him a kiss as, guffawing, he drives away. Tom is chatting to a customer, so keeping an eye on him I wander the forecourt until he is free and then walk up and tap him on the shoulder. The look on his face is classic as he turns around.

Another beautiful, sunny, hot and humid day has arrived in Florida. Popcorn clouds dot the morning sky with their standard promise of late afternoon thundershowers. My fellow commuters are a mix of middle agers heading to work and the elderly retirees just out to make sure no one can do the speed limit. As I pull in and park next to my other car, my boss is standing outside smoking a cigarette watching me. Approaching him I try to act casual,

“Morning boss!”

“ Not so fast Tom, you want to tell me what’s going on?”

I act confused, “What do you mean?”

“Don’t give me that, you know you can’t bullshit a bullshitter. The owner told me to let it be, but I think I deserve an explanation. You stay out late for lunch, come back and only hang out for about an hour, one of the offices ends up trashed, then you’re gone leaving your car here overnight. Then you show up as if nothing happened? What the fuck?”

Damn, I knew this would not go unnoticed. I walked over until I was face to face with the boss. He makes no effort to remove the smouldering cigarette from his mouth and the smoke wafting into my face making me blink and choke slightly as I speak.

“Honestly, I don’t have a good explanation or excuse. Things happened yesterday that were beyond my control and I realize my actions were unacceptable. All I humbly ask is for you to please look past yesterday and give me a chance today to prove I can be your best employee. What do you say we go sell a bunch of cars?”

He stands straight-backed and finally removes the cigarette from his mouth with a gaping, surprised look as if he has just seen a ghost of something. Clearly not accustomed to such candour from me, he stares at me for a long moment. Our eyes meet and it seems we have an unspoken agreement. Making a fist, I give him a firm poke on this shoulder as I turn to head inside with not another word about the incident.

I get ready for the day, check the quotas, grab a bunch of business cards and head to the lot. The heat and humidity are rising quickly so I am anxious to find a customer and get back inside. The first couple is a mother and daughter who know exactly what they want. It is about as easy as sale as I could hope for to start the day. As I finish up with them, I stroll across the lot looking for more customers when a tap on my shoulder startles me. What started as a great day, had taken a turn for the worse already and it was not even lunch yet.

“Rosie, I believe it is, right? What are you doing here? Haven’t you ‘helped’ enough already?”