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Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Day 2 Ch 16
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Thursday - Chapter 16
©Virginia Alison, ©Keith David, ©Tiffany St David, ©Lucy Dee Blake

Her words should have shocked me, but they did not. Somehow I was either numb or expecting the unexpected after everything else that had happened today. ‘So her name was Rosie, huh,’ I thought to myself, wondering if this whole thing was over or if we would be seeing her again. I could not tell exactly how I felt about Tiffany and Lucy being intimate. Part of me was excited at the thought of these two beautiful women together in the throes of ecstasy, but the other part was feeling betrayed and jealous. The emotional rollercoaster ride I had taken today took its toll, and I just did not have the heart to respond to her question about Lucy or question her actions any further tonight.

Her kiss was exactly what I needed now. To touch, feel, and simply be with my wife. I looked around the room she had so beautifully prepared for a romantic night and felt sad that it would once again to go to waste. I just did not have the emotional energy for a long night of drinking champagne and feeding on chocolate and strawberries. What I needed was simple. No frills, no gimmicks, just sweet love with my wife. Not the fucking and sucking I had delivered so many times recently. I needed to touch her skin, her hair, her spirit and her soul as much as I needed her to touch mine. We had to reconnect now, ‘…your new life starts here.’

Taking Tiffany’s face gently in my hands, we both stand face to face, as I draw her toward my lips. My towel loosens and falls to my feet leaving my only covering, the cologne I sprayed on in the bathroom. Her face in the glow of the candles was more beautiful than I had ever seen her. A sparkling glint in her eyes disappeared behind closed lids as our lips melted gently together, hesitantly, as if unsure how the other would proceed, we began our journey back into each other’s heart.

Breaking through the barriers of anxiety, fear, and mistrust, our kisses became more fervent. Tongues played little games of back and forth, swirling in slow circles then nibbling and sucking, soft and wet. Our heads were turning side to side and I held her face tighter between my hands. My heart returned to the first night we meet, under the bleachers after the game and our first kiss. A warm glow rolled over me and my whole body seemed to tingle with an excitement, which had been missing for years. This passionate foreplay kissing went on for what seemed like an hour as we enjoyed the pleasure of each other’s mouth and touch. My hands roamed freely around her body, skin so soft against her firm muscles exciting my lust unlike any woman ever had or will.

“I love you Tiffany, and I want to make love to you and with you.”

Lifting her with one arm under her knees and another behind her back, her arms wrapped around my neck, we continue kissing and teasing each other with tongues and lips as I carry her over to the bed. Laying her softly on her back, I climb on top and begin working kisses slowly down her neck, along her ear. Her little moans of affirmation tell me I am on the right track, so I work slowly around the other side of her head, ensuring I cover all of her neck and ear with tiny, soft kisses.

“What would you like my love,” I whisper softly in her ear.

I moan as his lips find a particularly sensitive spot on my neck, and I arch myself against him, one hand clutching at the bed cover, the other threading through his hair, stroking the back of his neck.

“I want what I’ve always wanted, baby,” I whisper back. “For you to love me, like you did after we were married, on our honeymoon. Make love to me, sweetheart, I need to feel you, touch you, and taste you...I want you to fill me as you’ve always filled my heart...” I lift myself slightly and shrug off my jacket, only in my camisole, Tom tugs my skirt off my hips. He looks down at me lying there, dressed in nothing but black lace and his eyes darken the way they always used to when he looked at me like that.

Slowly, so slowly and gently, he begins to slide the straps of the camisole off my shoulders and down over my breasts, as if he is unwrapping a piece of delicate china, fragile and breakable. I am a little impatient but I realize that this is as much for him as it is for me, and I let him take his time....he runs his hands softly over my skin and bends his head, gently flicking his tongue against my swollen buds, drawing a moan from my throat. He smiles and looks up at me, saliva glistening on his lips, before he smiles at me and moves his head lower, kissing all the way down my body until he reaches the lacy black thong that wisps around my hips. I gasp when I feel his touch there, it’s as if this is the first time for both of us, sensual and innocent at the same time, but so erotic I can hardly stand it as first his fingers, then his lips and tongue, start to explore what lies beneath the black lace....

Teasingly I run my tongue along and under the edges of the thin fabric as I slowly pull them down with my hands. I sit up, raise her left leg and point it towards the ceiling while I massage her foot and calf. Repeating the same with her right leg just before I place a small kiss on her ankle, followed by another and another as I work my mouth and tongue slowly down the back of her leg. She giggles and tries to flinch away as I reach the sensitive skin on the back of her knee, but I hold her leg tight. As I pass the backside of her knee I lay down, spreading her legs wide so I have plenty of room and proceed slowly with swirling tongue kisses down the inside of her thigh.

I want to make sure she is ready for me and by the way she is moaning softly, rubbing the back of my head, and trying to wiggle her body lower so my tongue will move higher on her thigh more quickly, I think she is getting there. Kisses land softly just inches from her flowered petals glistening smooth and moist in the candle light. I nuzzle her soft downy fur with my nose as my kisses circle teasingly slow just outside her lips. Her body seems electrified with each tiny kiss or roll of my tongue; she squirms and moans in need of more.

Hands running softly through my hair at first turn to clutching and grasping as she pulls me into her dewed sex. Unable to resist the pleasure of her taste any longer, my tongue lashes her swollen lips, diving deep inside to feel the heat welling up within. Her clit swollen and hard protrudes from its hooded sheath, begging for attention. I wrap my mouth fully around the pink nub, sucking hard for a second without touching it with my tongue, before drenching it with my own moisture and running my tongue over it in swirling and flicking circles, alternating between soft, slow, and hard and fast.

First one, then a second finger penetrates her dripping lips as she thrusts to impale herself fully on them. Palm up, I work my fingers in a ‘come-to-me’ motion along the top wall of her inner sanctum to tickle and excite the g-spot I know she loves. It only take a few minutes of rhythmically working her clit in my mouth and fingers thrusting and pulling deep inside her until she explodes on my hands and face, but I know she is not done.

I climb on top of her, locking one leg in my arm and leaving the other flat on the bed. My cock is throbbing hard and I feel my pulse pounding in the veins to the head. I hold my shaft in my hand, running the head along the length of her honey slit and each time it touches her sensitive clit it is as if an electric jolt hit her body. I slowly press it inside her and feel her warmth encompass me; squeezing heat and wetness surround my shaft as I press it to the deepest limits inside her. Caressing her face softly, I begin working back and forth, the pace slowly increasing with each thrust.

We play like this for what seems like hours, trying positions we have never tried before, taking time to stop, kiss, and allow the passion to subside a bit so we could continue. Eventually, we began to feel more attached, comfortable and while the doom and gloom of the day and the struggles of our marriage still weighed on us both, for this moment we connected. I even fed her a few strawberries as we rested together after our beautiful, explosive mutual orgasms.

However, as I fall asleep, I somehow know this whole thing was not over, not yet. Despite feeling connected with Tiffany for the first time in ages, there was more to come. I was sure of it. However, what it was, I had no way of knowing.

We move together, finding the rhythms and positions we like best. There is a lot of playfulness and laughter as we rediscover each other’s bodies. Touching, tasting, teasing, we continue for a long time. At one point, he slides out of me and grabs the bottle of champagne, and we teasingly pour drops of the golden nectar onto each other’s skin, licking it off, feeding each other red, ripe strawberries as we kiss deeply, and tasting each other on our tongues. I lose count of the times he makes me cum, before we finally crest together in an unbelievable explosion that is so intense it almost makes me pass out from sheer pleasure, our bodies shuddering against the tangled sheets.

A lot remains unspoken between us, most especially the events of the day that led us to this sublime moment, and we both know that there are issues that we need to deal with, but this is a good start at repairing our damaged relationship. I tell him that we are to have dinner at Lorenzo’s the following night at seven thirty, and we look at each other, wondering what the outcome of that will be, since it was apparently Rosie’s idea. I fall asleep in Tom’s arms for the first time since I can remember.