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Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Day 2 Ch 14
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Thursday - Chapter 14
©Virginia Alison, ©Keith David, ©Tiffany St David, ©Lucy Dee Blake


I look at Rosie with wide eyes, more than a little startled. The only reason I had that “toy” in my collection was because of a very strange session I had once involving models for a sex novelty catalogue. I had pushed Tom as far as I thought I could, without quite shoving him over the edge, but I am now worried that this will go one-step too far. I’m finally feeling somewhat satisfied that he had done his penance for making Tiff miserable, and I want to believe after all of this, he won’t do that again.

Rosie grins at me, and I shake my head. I know she is the expert but...

“No – you can’t be serious,” I whisper, glancing over at Tom. “You can’t use that on him. He’ll go ballistic. I was treading in deep water as is. I wanted to beat the crap out of him for what he did to my Tiff, and maybe I went too far, but this is too much.”

She gives me a chiding stare and turns it on. She appears pleased by the fact that it hums to life. I am still wary, but she puts a finger to my lips to silence me.

Tom is shifting apprehensively on the bed and trying to rid himself of his blindfold. Rosie says one word – “pictures” – and he stops. She is holding something over him, but I am not quite sure what.

I feel paralyzed, not sure what to expect from either Rosie or Tom. I edge back over to the chair where we cuffed Tom earlier, and decide to wait and watch, still a little breathless from my own efforts. Perhaps it is my turn to learn some lessons ... these ones from the master.

The look on Lucy´s face says it all, slightly horrified, partly aghast that I would even consider what I am about to do. However, there is a lot more to Tom than meets the eye. Through thorough research, it appears that he is a rampant homophobe.  He has even managed to get quoted in the papers; his spiteful remarks denigrating to both males and females.  In my line of work, that is a no go area. I am not going to teach him a lesson, but I am going to make him realise that not only are we all equal but also that everyone is  bi-sexual, some choose one or other path, some choose both.  Either way, it does not make you a bad person. The stimulator that sends pulses to the prostate will take him to places he has never been and when, like most men, he discovers the pure ecstasy it can give him, he will look at the world through different eyes. When tomorrow comes, he will be put to the test and as I am formulating a plan, I am eager to see if he passes.

Grabbing the Tube o’Lube, I smear some over the tip of the toy and kneel down beside him and whisper in his ear,

“Tom, I’m about to show you a little bit of heaven that you only dream of, this is going to be pure delectation, just for you. I promise it will not hurt if you don´t struggle.  Nod if you understand me,” and I giggle as he growls something through gritted teeth.

Rising to my feet, Lucy watches with interest as I gently insert the end of the toy into Tom’s puckered little ass, as yet another string of expletives erupt from his mouth, louder this time, and I decide a gag would probably be wise.  Slipping out of my panties I roll them into a ball and stuff them into his mouth, carefully avoiding the snapping teeth, then taking the long tail ends of the blindfold, I wrap them around his mouth and tie them at the back. I note with interest that he stays in the same position, and is very wisely not fighting against it. Moans slowly replace the grunts as I turn the snugly inserted toy on to its lowest setting.

His body starts tensing to the gentle vibrations and lying back on the bed, I wriggle myself underneath his trembling body and look at Lu.  Winking, I take his huge erection into my mouth, leaving Lucy stunned at the scenario playing out before her.

The realization that it was Lucy riding my cock must have caused such a rush of adrenaline in my system. I felt my head pulse with blood and my face flush like I had just been called out in a fight or caught stealing. It was not quite like being caught, because clearly Lucy and this crazy lady had orchestrated this whole thing, but why? Maybe it was to get me back for something I did to Tiffany, based on the way Lucy had chided me along. I had no idea, but I did know this little fuck party had just ended.

Cussing and swearing at these two bitches, I start to get up as Lucy dismounts, but she hits me with that damn whip thing again. I need to get this blindfold off, but before I can, she whacks me repeatedly until I flip over. The fucking handcuffs are back around my wrists and ankles so quickly; I do not have time to pull away. Chained and secured to the bed, I am really pissed.

“All right, all right, you guys have had your fun and played your games. Let me go, NOW!”

“Kneel boy, now your ass is mine.”

What the hell is she talking about? I continue yelling expletives and use my shoulders to try to slide the blindfold off as I pull on the chains binding me to the bed. There is some rummaging around going on behind me and I can tell they are whispering to each other as I struggle to get free.


Damn it! Those damn pictures. What am I going to do about that part of this? Shit, she has me for now. Maybe these ladies just wanted to have some fun at my expense and teach me a lesson. No one has told Tiffany yet, I hope. However, with her scent on the bed, I cannot be sure she is not somehow in on this. None-the-less, I am not in a good position here with the pictures as leverage. Even if I do escape, I am still fucked, so I calm down until I can come up with a better plan.

“Tom, I’m about to show you a little bit of heaven that you only dream of, this is going to be pure delectation, just for you. I promise it will not hurt if you don´t struggle.  Nod if you understand me.”

This bitch! What is she going to do now? Fuck, I am pissed! I pull again on the chains to no avail and momentarily resign myself to this fate. Trapped and kneeling with my face down in the sheets smelling of my wife, I am angry and actually a bit scared of what she is thinking. The thought that this blaze red haired beauty might actually be Lucifer himself crosses my mind.

And then it happens. I would have never guessed or thought in my worst nightmare that she would actually stick something up my ass. That is a one-way street!

“HEY! What the fuck are you doing…mmmmtttrrrffcccccccccrrrr?”

Bound and now gagged, I am royally fucked. I squirm and try to resist the intruder, but it is useless. She works it in slowly and I want to scream from the pain. It must be at least a foot in diameter, or feels like it. I try holding still for fear she will break something back there if I do not, plus clearly I am not going anywhere anyway.

She manages to get it where she wants it and the pain slowly subsides, replace with a fullness, which is only mildly uncomfortable, but the idea of being penetrated there repulses me. My body has once again betrayed me. She turns on the device and it begins to vibrate in my ass as she wiggles it around. There is one spot when she hits it inside me that feels so good and seems to send waves of pleasure into my cock. I feel her slide under me and take my rock hard shaft gently into the warm wetness of her mouth.

She was right; I would never admit that aloud, but this is some type of sensation I have never had before. Somehow, she has connected my ass with my cock and the pleasure is insanely intense. However, I start thinking, ‘I am getting fucked in the ass, does that make me gay?’

Oh fuck, oh fuck, no, no. I cannot be gay. No way. This cannot be happening, but just as the thought rolls through my consciousness, she turns up the intensity of the vibrations in my ass and starts working her tight warm lips up and down my shaft. I feel her tongue swirling circles on the underside of my cock just below the head as one hand guides the baseball bat vibrating in my ass and the other strokes my rod.

I am about to lose control of this orgasm that Lucy started, but did not finish and I do not want to cum with something in my ass. That would mean I like this, and I cannot like it so I fight to hold back. It is no use though. The sensation is almost impossible to describe. Just before I explode, it is like there is something stopping me from cumming, but the sensation is better than when I am cumming. Then it rolls through me like a tidal wave as my body involuntarily thrusts off the cliff into the bliss of explosive release.

Her mouth never leaves my cock as I pump and buck into her face, releasing what feels like gallons of seed into her hungry mouth. I am humiliated, satiated and terrified by what I have just done and as I slowly regain my composure, a sadness falls over me that I simply cannot explain.

Tom’s body takes on a life of its own as I hold him in my mouth and whilst my toy does it´s, thing he takes the ride of a lifetime culminating in years of frustration pumping down my throat. Swallowing quickly, I take every drop, milking his cock until I feel he can take no more. I have an ache inside me, which has turned into a knot of unreleased tension, but choosing to ignore it, I concentrate on the job in hand, so to speak.

As he stills, I slide out from beneath him, quickly untie the knot at the back of his head, removing the gag, and push him over on his side, where he lies panting and gulping. I watch as the sensations roll through his sweat-laden body for a few seconds, then I finally switch off, and remove the vibrator. Bending down close to his ear I whisper,

“The stallion has awakened.”

Turning to the still open-mouthed Lucy who I now notice is flushed with excitement; I grab her chin and plant a kiss on her lips.

“I think he is ready to go home and show his wife how much he loves her,” I murmur, and as realisation seems to dawn in her head, she nods and smiles weakly as she bends over to unlock the cuffs on his ankles whilst I do the same with his wrists. A quick phone call to Freddie who promises to be here in five, I help Tom struggle into his clothes and make him look presentable. Slipping my dress and shoes on I lead him outside where he stops for a second or two to breathe in the air before allowing himself to be sat in the cab. Getting in the other side I remove his blindfold and turn him to face me.

“Now Tom, go home to your wife, show her how much you love her, how much you appreciate her.  If she wants a massage give it to her, if she wants you to make love to her do so, tenderly, and with the passion that made you fall in love with her all those years ago. This has taught you a lesson in humility, maybe now you will realise how shallow you have become by putting your needs before hers. She has suffered your inconsiderate behaviour for long enough, your new life starts here. ”

As I look into his eyes, a gentle sadness has crept in and he nods in agreement. Chagrined, I can see he has some thinking to do before he faces her so I tap Freddie on the shoulder. “Drive him round the block a few times until he is ready to go home sweetie,” and Freddie gives me the thumbs up.

Turning back to Tom I grin as I open the cab door, “Oh, by the way, this doesn’t make you gay,” and wink as I step out, shut the door and stand in the road watching the car drive away. With a self satisfied feeling I go back into Lucy’s house.  Closing the door, I take a few minutes to lean back against it to catch my breath.

‘Tomorrow is going to be the day of reckoning, will Tom and Tiffany rise to the challenge?” I ponder the thought for a while.

After I fall into the foetal position on the bed, she removes the gag because there is no reason for me to scream any more - the damage is done. Exhausted by trying to resist holding off the waves of pleasure and humiliation thrust mercilessly upon my body, worse than the physical pain are the emotions she has unleashed upon my mind and spirit. I have always been cocky, self-assured even through the self-loathing of all that I have lost in my life. Now she has even taken that away. It feels as if she has removed my very manhood and an empty hopelessness invades my spirit.

Only slightly aware of my surrounding, I lie on the bed silently letting my heart rate return to normal when she, the redhead bitch who has done this to me, leans over and has the nerve to whisper in my ear,

“The stallion has awakened.”

I want to scream that I could have showed her the stallion at her fucking apartment if that was what she wanted. I could have ridden her like a prized thoroughbred and taken her to heights she has never seen, but she killed the fucking stallion. All that is left is me.

I lose track of what they are doing and saying as the feeling well up inside me, oscillating between wanting to scream in anger or cry in anguish. Released from my bondage, I remain motionless on the bed until they help me up and into my wrinkled clothes. Smoothing my hair back, they try to make me look presentable, but I do not care. Are they going to just send me to another friend’s house to let her use and abuse me more?

The red headed bitch grabs my arm and leads me outside. I am becoming familiar with how she touches me and leads me around. Stuffing me in the back of the car, I hear her get in on the other side and she removes my blindfold for the first time in hours. Despite the late afternoon hour and being in the cab, the light floods my sensitive eyes and I blink furiously as they acclimate to the brightness.

Her face slowly comes into focus as she begins her lecture about teaching a valuable lesson about my life, that I need to treat Tiffany better and I should go home and make love to her, but I just don’t feel it.

“…your new life starts here.”

She gets up and leaves the cab after giving the driver some instructions and parting she chides me once more, “Oh by the way this doesn’t make you gay.”

“ Wait! Does Tiffany know about all this?”

However, the door closes without an answer. She watches me pull away and I see Lucy standing in the doorway as we drive away down the street, trying to figure out what I will say to Tiffany when I get home. How can I face her? Have I really mistreated her? She must somehow be in on this whole thing; why else would she have been with Lucy? Wait, been with Lucy? I instantly remember Tiffany telling me once that Lucy swung both ways in bed. Was she with Tiffany, like that? Oh, how could this get any worse?

Her words, ‘…your new life starts here,’ keep repeating in my head. I begin to take a good hard look at my life and especially my marriage. I thought I had treated Tiffany well, at least pretty well. As I think back on licking the redhead’s pussy in the office at work and the red flush on her cheeks, and hearing the screams of release from Lucy as she rode my cock and I try to remember the last time Tiffany reacted like that when we fucked. I cannot remember exactly, but it had been awhile.

My late nights, self-loathing, lack of attention had taken a toll on our marriage. You could cut the tension with a knife many nights and mornings, and I cannot remember the last time I took her to dinner or spent the day with her. I had been a horrible husband, but now I had cheated on her and there were the pictures and Lucy knew.

Maybe this whole thing was really over now; they just wanted the ammunition to bury me in divorce court, and Tiffany had devised this whole thing? I hoped I could read that on her face when I got home, but silently I resolved to be better, somehow.

As the car pulls into the driveway, I look down at my dishevelled clothing and wonder how I could explain all of this. I cannot imagine what I smell like. Getting out of the car, I turn towards the house and begin the long walk home.

“…your new life starts here.”