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Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Day 2 Ch 10
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Thursday - Chapter 10
©Virginia Alison, ©Keith David, ©Tiffany St David, ©Lucy Dee Blake

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“DAMN IT, TOM! Where the fuck have you been? We’ve got customers waiting!”

I cringe at the onslaught as I speedily pass his office on the way to my desk .This is not the first time my lunch was ‘extended’, and likely it will not to be the last. My mind drifts back to Misty’s tits and a tiny smile appears on my face. I collect some brochures from the office and suffer the nasty looks of my co-workers who had to pick up the slack while I was gone.

The clock hands once again begin their slow motion crawl across the dial as the sun beats hard on the black top outside the showroom. Selling cars in the summer heat in Florida absolutely sucks. I try unsuccessfully to find a customer wandering inside before heading out to the steaming lot. The humidity feels like a sauna and the beer from lunch seems to, instantly ooze, from my upper lip as I stand in the shade allowing my eyes to adjust to the bright sun.

“Hello Freddie,” I purr as I close the cab door, “Alan’s place first then off to the car showroom corner of Germaine Street.”

“ So what poor sucker have you got your claws into now Rosie?” Freddie answers expectantly, I could almost hear desperation in his voice for some juicy titbits,

“Freddie, my dear, now you know I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you that I am having a VERY sexy day,” and giggle as I imagine past memories flitting through his sixty-five year old body.

We chat about his wife and grand kids on the way to Alan’s flat. He was not going to be in so I pick up the envelope from the concierge and a few minutes later, we draw up outside the car lot. Tom is standing in the shade of the building scanning for customers and I ask Freddie to pull round the corner so I can go in through the side gate. I know this place well. Marvin Feltsom and I go back a long way and he owes me big time since I saved his bacon, and his marriage, when caught in flagrante delecto with a little hooker from the docks. His business miraculously had an upturn after that and he had behaved himself since then. A little word in his ear earlier this morning had made him aware that I was paying a visit, murmuring grateful thanks; he assured me that he would make the arrangements.

Tom’s back is towards me as I creep up behind, put my hands over his eyes and whisper in his ear, “Guess who’s back.”

I swipe my tongue across my upper lip to remove the bead of sweat, when suddenly a familiar smell of perfume wafts past and peaks my senses. Before I can place it, hands cover my eyes from behind and the day instantly goes from bad to worse. The beautiful, unnamed red head from the night before had, despite my prayers to the contrary, stepped back into my life…and this was not a good thing.

The reaction was better than I expected as he spins around on his heels with a horrified look on his face, spluttering expletives and glancing around wildly to see who is watching, “What the hell are you doing here - who are you?”

Laughing, I hook my arm into his and almost drag him kicking and screaming into the side office. Half way there, I stop, wave the envelope under his nose and demand quiet. “Behave yourself, Tom.  I think you know what I have in my hand, but what you don’t know is that Misty was also quite willing to pose for a few, how shall I put it, interesting pictures this afternoon. I’m not going to eat you...well maybe just a little...” and my voice trails off.  As I wink at him and as his little grey cells start functioning, he realises that I have him banged to rights.  With an obviously sinking feeling in his stomach and a chagrined look on his face, he accepts his fate and allows me to lead him to the office.

It almost seems surreal as she ‘escorts’ me to a empty waiting office. Despite protests and questions about not only what she is doing at my place of work, but who the heck she even is, waving the envelope of what I presume are the pictures taken the night before as a prize for her and a sedative for me. I try to grab them but she pulls away with almost a cackling laugh and tells me to behave.

Options form and dissolve in my mind like eddies in waves on the seashore. Certainly, this woman is not stupid enough to bring the only copies; the guy who took them likely has more, so grabbing them forcefully is useless anyway. I have no real idea why she is even doing this, so I quickly decide that until I can put those pieces together, I just need to see what she wants from me.

“Go and sit down sweetheart,” I murmur in his ear as we walk through the side door into the cool shaded office. Shuttered but letting just enough light in to see, I lean back against the door as I close it behind me and turn the key in the lock. Surprisingly he’s not sitting with his head in his hands as I drop my bag and envelope on the desk and slip out of my dress, instead he’s watching and in the dim light I am amazed to see a look of ‘excitement’ in his narrowed eyes. He looks appreciatively as I tower over him. Slivers of sunlight shine through the Louvre blinds waving in the breeze of the fan and glint off the small decorative diamantes on the black bra and thong.

“Looking at me he repeats, “Who the hell are you, and why are doing this to me?” I almost feel sorry for him as I hear a slight tinge of misery in his voice.

Certainly there will be some sort of blackmailing, why else would she appear from nowhere, lure me like a black widow to her lair with her only real intent to collect leverage? However, what could she possibly want? I do not have anything of value left, nothing more that she can take, except possibly a small shred of dignity, which she does seem to be whittling down by showing up. I just do not get it.

The thin fabric of her dress falls unceremoniously to the floor before my eyes. I thought I was confused before, but I am clearly mistaken. If all she wants is to have sex with me, why leave me tied naked to her bed the night before? My eyes dart around the room looking for cameras or handcuffs she could use to further denigrate or destroy me. I find none clearly visible, except the fact all my co-workers and boss were right outside the thinly veiled shades. Not intended to be fully private, we only use these offices to negotiate sales with customers.

“Who the hell are you, and why are doing this to me?”

She just smiles and ignores my query again. Gliding across the room as if she owns it and all the contents, she stands above me as I sit. I stare up into the beautiful eyes penetrating my very soul, and I cannot help the attraction I feel, despite the fear. This mix of emotions is totally unfamiliar. She slithers her body in close, sliding between my knees as the rich fragrance of her skin sparks a smooth electrical dance in my loins.

Unlike the lap dances at the titty bar, I know whatever happens next will somehow impact my life in a profound way and I am pretty certain it will not be good, but the attraction is nearly irresistible. My sexual juices stirred last night at her apartment, then again by Misty less than an hour ago have left me in a frustrated state. Therefore, her timing could not have been much worse for me. It is as if she somehow knows this, how, I do not know. I stare into her eyes, unable to read her intentions, I silently plead for mercy…and satisfaction.

“I’m your worst nightmare Tom, but do as your told and you will find that I can be the angel of your dreams.” I laugh at his obvious distress. “As to why I am doing this, well all in good time, all in good time.”

Perching my bottom on the desktop, I lean into him, slowly undo the buttons on his shirt and pull it open. The hook on the top of his trousers flicks open easily and the zipper makes a satisfying sound as I lower it. His hands grip the chair arms as I rub my finger over the bulge in his shorts and reaching beneath the elastic, release his cock, which I am pleased to see is already standing proud, and a small moan escapes his lips.

Smiling, I push the chair away a little and turn him to face the wall.  Opening the top drawer of the desk, I have a quick feel around and sure enough, as promised, there are the little items I requested. Taking the two sets of cuffs out, I swing him back to face me and watch his face as I dangle them in front of his eyes.

“Now, do I have to use these or are you going to behave?” and I cock my head questioningly to the side. I may not need to use them but they’re a good persuader and I’m interested to see if he has any self control, knowing what a precarious position I have put him in.

The resigned look on his face says it all, as I place the silver handcuffs on the desk. Reaching into the drawer again, I pick up a long piece of black cloth and placing it over his eyes, and tie it at the back. He has started to fidget, and flicking the top of his cock hard with my fingers prompts a satisfying moan, which stills him. Feeling quite pleased with myself I grab my next little trick, a cock ring with a difference. Slipping the gadget down over his erection and pressing the little button brings immediate results. Tom starts to squirm in the chair, the light may be dim but I can see the vibrating ring at the base of his penis sending small electrical impulses through his already hot cock, making it twitch delightfully.

My hand reaches beneath my thong and I slip my finger down over my clit and gasp as the little nub reacts to my touch. Bringing my wet finger up to Tom’s face, I slide it over his lips and into his mouth, and he sucks on it greedily.

Leaning in,  I run my tongue over the rim of his ear, and nibbling it gently I whisper,

“You’re going to pleasure me and if you are a good boy, I might let you cum too,” and giggle as I slap his hand away from my thigh and flick his cock again which by now is probably quite sensitive.

‘What have I gotten myself into?’ repeats like a broken record in my head. It is as if someone has taken over my body, possessed it, and wait…someone has and it is her! God damn it, what was her name? At least she could give me that much! But no, she will not give me an inch and with expert precision plays me like Hank Williams plays a honky-tonk fiddle!

Flashing the cuffs, the pictures tucked neatly away for ‘safe keeping’, my own sexual frustration and her incredibly powerful aura lower my resistance, and I feel my reticence slowly slipping away. Not even the threat of my co-workers finding me in here, and the associated loss of this shitty job, can prompt me into action against her. For the first time in my life, I feel as if all my machismo has been drained, sucked out by a powerful goddess hell bent on my destruction.

The strangest part, which has me the most concerned, is this is all exciting the hell out of me. My cock is about to explode with the way she is treating me and touching it. Not even the flick across the sensitive head to calm me down makes it subside. After she blindfolds me, I feel her place something around the base of my cock, like a band of sorts. When it begins to vibrate and shoot tiny electrical charges, I go nearly insane. I can feel my shaft dance and twitch at the stimulation.

My mouth drops open slightly, almost involuntarily from the pleasure and panting until I feel her finger on my lips. The sweetest melon-like pussy flavour fills my mouth and I suck greedily on her finger. She tells me I am going to pleasure her, but at this point, I would likely walk across hot coals if she told me to. I am hypnotized and mesmerized by this exotic goddess, yet I feel the remorse of what I am about to do to Tiffany.

I never intended to hurt my wife, and this feels, more as if she is taking me, than willingly giving of myself. Nonetheless, I worry about her finding out because despite the tiny shred of dignity I have that this woman is pulling out through my cock head, I have…well, had her. I do love Tiffany, but the power that this woman who stands before me has over my body is nearly unfathomable. Trapping my spirit with actions and deed, stroking my manhood as she uses my lust against me, I know she will bend and twist me to her will, and I am ashamed to admit I will love every minute of it.

Sucking her finger like a baby on tit, “Ummm, yes ma’am.”

As she withdraws it from my lips, I feel the emptiness, the wanting of waiting for more. I sense her moving and feel what seems to be her fingertip glide along my shoulder, across my back and around the other side as she circles me slowly, as a lioness sizes up its prey. My vulnerability in this virtual bondage of my mind is intoxicating beyond my wildest imagination.

“How should I please you?” I moan softly so no one outside the office will hear me.