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Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Day 2 Ch 8
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Thursday - Chapter 8
©Virginia Alison, ©Keith David, ©Tiffany St David, ©Lucy Dee Blake

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Lucy tears around like a streak of lightning, and I hear the melodious sounds of ‘Mustang Sally’ float from the bedroom as Tiffany and I wander along the corridor. Lu’s bedroom, luckily, has just the right atmosphere for this. It’s very arty as she has a real eye for seductive decor and the tasteful pictures, wall covering and drapes reflect her deep loving nature.

I hear Tiff take a deep breath as she hesitates at the doorway. I place my hand on the small of her back and give her a reassuring nudge whilst whispering in her ear, “Don’t worry sweetheart, you are in good hands,” and guide her to the bed.

Lucy, breathless as always, is almost hopping from foot to foot in anticipation and I walk over to her, take her in my arms, crush her to me and kiss her deeply. Her surprise quickly dissolves and she responds to my tongue with equal fervour. Pulling away, I turn to Tiffany who seems to have turned a deeper shade of red, although it could simply be the rosy glow that fills the room, and is averting her eyes towards the floor.

I wink at Lucy and murmur in her ear, “This is for you my sweet, go, relax on the bed, your wish is about to be fulfilled,” and pat her rump as she passes me.

Turning my attention to Tiffany, I take both her hands and pull her to her feet. She is shaking but smiles coquettishly at me as I run the back of my fingers down her face and catching hold of her chin, kiss her gently.  Pulling away, I smile encouragingly as I turn her around to face the bed, slip her coat off her shoulder and toss it over the chair.

“Tiffany,” I whisper in her ear, “Close your eyes and feel the music flow through your body. Let Lucy see the love you have for her,” and holding her body against mine, I put my hands on her hips and start to sway in time to the music.

I am dreaming...I must be dreaming. As I watch Rosie entwine around Tiff and undulate with her like a single entity, I pinch myself, expecting to awaken. It doesn’t happen, and I breathe deeply, engrossed in their conjoined dance – so enticing.

Gradually, once Tiffany has taken flight and gyrates to her own beat, Rosie releases her. She gives me a knowing glance and a suggestive smile before she extends herself like a proud lioness upon my chaise. She wears a regal look of accomplishment, of triumph.

Tiffany transforms from a fragile flower into a bewitching temptress right before my eyes, like a butterfly forcing its way from the safety of its cocoon. She seizes on the music and allows it to drown out her inhibitions. I can see that in her wanton gaze.

Then she does something I’m not expecting, and my heart catches in my chest. Her hands slide up to her awe-inspiring breasts and she begins to massage them, teasing me and watching for my response. Rosie truly can work the impossible. I have waited for this for years, and even though I have already assured myself that I am awake, I’m still concerned that this will end all too soon. I want it to last forever.

Tiff weaves her way over to me, still swaying, as Queen Rosie continues to oversee this endeavour. For a brief moment, Tiff’s mouth is on mine and then she disrobes. I turn into a quivering mess on the spot, wanting so desperately to touch her, but knowing the rules of this game. Tiffany must be the aggressor. She must make the advances. I’m almost blinded by the luscious sight of her, whimpering softly is my only source of release.

She starts taunting me, lowering her almost into my lap, but not actually touching me. This is soooo not fair. It takes every bit of my willpower to resist her, and I breathe heavily, turning my face away slightly.

Then she’s on me, leaning into me, a taste of the unexpected followed by the flavour of her sweet lips on mine, our tongues meshing. I moan - so blissful and so hot, I feel as though I might burst into flame. I apologize inwardly to Rosie as I allow my lustful cravings to overtake me. I reach for her, pawing at her like the wolf leaping upon the lamb. Losing all control, I take her succulent breast in my mouth, licking and sucking at it like a ravenous woman.

She pushes me away, her own lips on my perky tits, but gradually moves down, sliding between my open legs that twitch with excitement. I beg for her, hoping to coax her further, but she is the one with the power here, and I am but the willing victim, yielding my pleasure to her tongue first, then the rough and fervent thrusts of her fingers. My body won’t let me succumb to the tension anymore and release comes hard and fast, lasting a very long time. As I relax, licking the taste of my pussy from her tongue and fingers, I can now feel her arousal building towards climax, like a tightly wound spring. I turn to Rosie, my eyes pleading for permission to proceed.

Music is my passion and I lose myself in it. Somewhere along the way, I also lose my strappy sandals, kicking them from me as the music draws me in further. The throbbing beat is sultry, hypnotic, and pulses deep inside me. My hands move to my breasts and I caress them, feeling the rise of my nipples through the thin fabric. My eyes lock on Lu’s and I see the hard peaks of her own arousal through the tight tank top she is wearing. She is sitting on the edge of the bed, watching me as I dance to the music, which has changed to a slower number now.

Still swaying my hips seductively, I move closer to the bed. I have completely forgotten about Rosie – this is for Lu…I smile and reach up behind my neck to release the halter of the dress….the fabric wisps past my skin to reveal my breasts, my nipples large and hard, aching….I stand before Lucy and bend over, lightly brushing my tongue over her bottom lip, hearing her indrawn breath. Her hands come up but I avoid them, moving away, teasing….I turn my back to her and start to slip the dress from my hips. I see Rosie on the chaise, her gaze upon me and I blush, but there’s no turning back now. I might as well let her enjoy the show, too. Grinning, I slide the fabric past my hips to reveal the tiny peach-coloured thong that is all that covers me. Behind me, I hear Lu whimper as she sees the cheeks of my ass…as a model, I’ve never been afraid of nudity, and I am proud of my body….Rosie’s eyes are locked on me and it gives me a thrill to know that she is watching.

I move over to Lu and tease her by straddling her thighs, not touching her, just swaying my hips in time to the music. I can hear her panting, feel little puffs of air against my back….I straighten and turn to look at her. Her eyes are bright with lust, and love….straddling her thighs once again, I lean into her and brush my hardened nipples against the front of her top, rubbing them lightly against her perky breasts, confined behind the tight cotton fabric. We both moan, and I feel wetness springing between my thighs, and an aching need begins in my body. I kiss her gently on her mouth, my tongue flicking at her lips, then I feel her mouth open beneath mine and my tongue delves in, tasting the sweet moisture of hers, exploring the warm, sensitive cavern…

I lower my hips gently to hers, and brush my groin against the tight shorts she is wearing. An electric tingle courses through me at the contact and I gasp into her mouth. I tease us both by moving against her, then lifting my hips, then moving against her again…her hands come up and cover my breasts, gently tugging at my nipples, sending tingles down to my clit, and somewhere in the back of my mind I wonder just how far this lap dance is supposed to go…I remember Rosie and take my mouth from Lu’s to look at her.

What next? I ask with my eyes, as delicious sensations continue to course through my body….

Tiffany slowly responds and as I feel her taking control, I move away to the other side of the room, pour a glass of wine, lie on the chaise longue, put my feet up and watch as the scene unfolds.

I can sense Tiffany is a sensual little minx. Her body moves beautifully in time to the music and she loses herself as she moves onto the bed and towards Lucy. The electricity in the air is quite delightfully sensual as I watch the two girls. They are gagging for each other and as much as Tiffany professes her love for Tom, she needs more and Lu will teach her; in time to come, the triangle will reap the benefits and all will be well with the world. Their obvious arousal sends little tingles down my spine and that feeling deep inside me is back again tugging at my clit.

I wait to see how far she is prepared to go, will she lose all inhibitions and lead the way? Lucy will encourage her, of that I have no doubt. Neither of them needs instructions; this is their moment, I don’t intend spoiling it. However, I am getting so aroused by the sight of these two beautiful women I have to remind myself of the job at hand, and I kick my self-control into gear. I continue to watch, and wait.

I see a flash of something – excitement? –  on Rosie’s face before her lovely features compose  themselves, and I think, Okay, I can take this as far as Lu and I want to. I turn back to my friend and look into her shining eyes. I lift my hand and trace the line of her soft cheek to her lips…then I place my mouth back onto hers, my tongue insistent against hers, loving the feel and taste of her mouth, giving myself over fully for the first time into a long, succulent kiss that leaves us both gasping for breath. I grin at her and move my hands to the bottom of her tank top, tugging it up over her perky breasts with their tight little nipples. I lean forward again and brush my nipples against hers. The feel is electric, and our hands touch each other, first gently, then more insistently….Lu bends her head and slides her mouth over my soft flesh, licking my skin before fastening onto one of my tight, hard buds.

My breath hisses between my teeth at the sensation and then it’s my turn to please her. I lick my way around the outside of her nipple, teasing her, before I scrape my teeth over her tender flesh, licking and sucking, pulling the bud into my mouth…she whimpers, and I look up to see the longing on her face. I reach down and unbutton her shorts, pulling down the zipper, and sliding the fabric over her hips. Naughty girl, she’s not wearing panties, and my eyes fasten on her mound, shaven except for a thin ribbon of curly blond hair above her pussy. I can smell the heady scent of her arousal.

Lu looks at me. “I think one of us has too many clothes on,” she grins, and reaches for the waistband of my thong. I let her pull the fabric down to expose my shaved pussy, suddenly feeling shy in front of these two beautiful women. Oh yes, I’m very much aware that Rosie is watching us both, seeing us naked together…I push Lu gently back onto the bed. I am going to give her what I know she has been craving all these years, which I have denied her.

Naked, I kneel between her legs and part her thighs, sliding her feet up so that her knees are bent. I gently nip and lick at the flesh of her inner thighs, then move back to her breasts, feasting on them before sliding my mouth down over her stomach. She moves her hips upwards, trying to reach my mouth, and I finally move between her thighs and look at her pussy, glistening with her arousal. I bend my head and inhale the scent of her, clean and musky, with a hint of jasmine soap she must have used earlier….I smile, and tentatively flick my tongue against her clit. Her hips jump into the air. I look across her body at her pretty face, and she whispers, “Please, Tiff, I need you….”

Without hesitation this time, I set to loving her. My tongue dances across the sweet folds of her pussy, sucking on her lips and returning to flick hard against her clit. I move my tongue into her wetness, as far as it will go, and she moans my name, her hands gripping my hair. I gently slide my forefinger into her wet sheath, as deep as possible, and feel her muscles clench around the digit. Sliding it out, I add another finger, and another, until I have three fingers knitted together; sliding in and out of her wet pussy….while, I continue to nibble her lips, tasting her juices on my tongue, returning every now and again to flick my tongue against her clit. Her breath is coming in pants and she is moving her hips against me, fucking my fingers….My clit is throbbing now as I feel her clench against my hand and she moans as she begins to cum, her hips bucking hard now, her hands forcing my head against her, my tongue frantically licking at her, trying to get all of the juices that explode from her pussy.

Her orgasm seems to go on forever, but finally her quaking subsides and she lets go of my hair. I look up at her, grinning, my mouth and chin shining in the candlelight. She sits up and grabs hold of me, pressing her mouth to mine, tasting herself on my tongue. I move my fingers down to my aching clit and they come away drenched…Lu looks at me and takes my hand in hers, sliding them into her mouth, licking them….that almost makes me cum and I moan deep in my throat. My whole body is tingling. I am on the edge. It will not take much to tip me over….