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Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Day 2 Ch 7
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Thursday - Chapter 7
©Virginia Alison, ©Keith David, ©Tiffany St David, ©Lucy Dee Blake

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Chapter 7
After the late night and broken sleep, I am up early to fix Tom’s breakfast before he goes to work. I look at my face in the bathroom mirror and groan at the dark circles under my eyes.  Oh well, nothing a little carefully applied make-up will not conceal. I shower and choose an outfit to wear over to Lu’s to meet this therapist. I opt for perky – a new sundress I have not worn before, blues and greens that bring out the gray in my eyes, mid-thigh length with a rather revealing neckline…I wonder if Tom will even notice how it makes my breasts and legs look….

Heading down to the kitchen to get started, coffee's on, French toast and bacon ready, and wonder of wonders, he has dragged himself out of bed without any urging from me. I turn from where I am putting slices of French toast onto a plate when I hear him in the doorway – for a moment our eyes lock across the width of the kitchen. I see something flash there – guilt, love, it is gone so quickly I wonder if I imagined it.

Determined not to show my hurt, I smile at him and bring breakfast over to the table, pouring coffee into his mug, labelled “#1 Husband” and sit down across from him. He looks at me again before starting in on his breakfast with a murmured, “Thanks, Babe.” An appraising look from him, and I wonder again what is going on behind those beautiful blue eyes that I used to drown in when we were first married. A lump forms in my throat and I push away my plate, taking a sip of too-hot coffee instead.

It seems as if only minutes pass between resting my head on the pillow and the sun breaking through the curtains. Uncharacteristically, my eyes pop open, wide awake in an instant as the previous night’s events flood my thoughts. I hear Tiffany get up and start the morning, but I feign sleep a bit longer trying to collect my thoughts. It’s as if somehow she knows what happened last night and I go back over it again and again, trying to figure out if there was any way she could have caught me so quickly, or even at all. Despite the late night, which there had been many of in the past, in the end it was no big deal. Nothing really happened…except the damn pictures. Saying a quick prayer I never see them or her again, I roll from the sheets and prepare for the day.

Breakfast is ready for me as usual when I arrive in the kitchen. Tiffany is dressed and looks different in some inexplicable way. Unable to pinpoint if the change is in expression, appearance, or just my own perception, I continue to steal looks trying to determine the source as I eat my breakfast in silent thought.

He eats his breakfast in silence but I feel his eyes on me the whole time. Once he is done, I get up to clear away his dishes. As I pass him he suddenly stands up, surprisingly, wraps his arms around me and holds me close. Something he has not done in a long time except as a prelude to sex. My mind whirls, wondering…why the sudden affection, is it born of guilt, or something else? He murmurs something unintelligible into my hair, but in my mind, I can still smell the perfume that covered him from the night before, another woman’s perfume.  Before I can react and pull away his cell phone rings. It is Gary, his boss at the dealership, asking if he can come in right away.

He pulls away from me and gathers his car key. He stands in the doorway and looks at me, then with a quick goodbye wave, he is out of the door and I hear his car start up outside. With a sigh, I wash the dishes and clean the kitchen, before I get ready to drive over to Lu’s.
A feeling of change washes over me, as if someone spun the roulette wheel of my life and I am waiting for it to stop. Tiffany walks past me and I have a sudden urge to touch her, to feel her in my arms. Standing, I wrap my arms around her and smelling her hair I whisper, “You smell good,” just as my phone rings.

It is my boss, one of the other lame sales guys called in sick, and I need to go. A quick glance back at Tiffany as I disappear out the door and something is definitely different in her expression, but I cannot place it. Is it a new beginning or the beginning of the end? The phone rings again on my way to work, my boss yelling about customers and missed sales and I guess my roulette wheel has stopped on “hell” once again.

I get to Lucy’s just a few minutes before 10AM. I am feeling nervous for some reason and I sit in my car for a minute before I get out and walk to her front door. I reach out my hand to ring the bell but before I can touch it the door flies open and there is Lucy, her hair tousled, cheeks flushed, eyes sparkling. Hmmmm…I think to myself, someone looks as if she had a good night! She smiles and kisses me as I step through the door, her soft mouth lingering on mine.

I look past her as another woman walks out of the kitchen, carrying a cup of coffee and licking the remnants of something she ate for breakfast off her slender fingers. She is a gorgeous redhead, very curvy, a perfect foil for Lu’s slim, blond build. I grin as I realize she is the reason my friend is glowing, but at the same time I feel a small pang of jealousy as images of the two of them naked on Lu’s bed flash through my mind. I note a flush creeping over my breasts, very visible since the neckline of my dress plunges so deeply. She holds out her hand and introduces herself as

Rosie, and my fingers curl gently around hers, as Lu introduces me to her. She really is stunning, and I imagine she must be very, very good at what she does. I murmur a hello, wondering what this meeting is going to bring to my life, and my marriage.

Arriving at the dealership to a crowd of people waiting, the sun beating on windless blacktop, and the evil eye of a boss watching money slip from his greedy fingers, I get busy with the day’s work. Thoughts of last night with…what the hell was her name again, and then Tiffany this morning, preoccupy me as I go through the motions like a robot. I steal a moment in my office to call Davey in the mid morning.

“Hey man, can you meet me for lunch? I need a beer and to see some tits. How about meeting at the Pink Poodle?”

Davey agrees and I start counting down the minutes until I can get a break from this place. The clock grinds to a complete stop, and for a moment, I could swear I saw it tick backwards once. I silently cuss my life again.

What seems like a lifetime later, I tell the boss I am off for lunch as he scolds me to be back on time. “No fucking around,” he says as I wave on my way out the door. The parking lot is virtually deserted at the Poodle, and the place is empty, apart from Davey, a stripper, and the owner/DJ. I take my usual spot on the rail next to Davey who has a beer already waiting as I sit down.

AC/DC rocks ‘You shook me all night long’ on the sound stage. Misty is topless and apparently on her second song of the set as she works the pole in front of us. She is far too hot to be doing this gig, but I am not one to complain. Holding the five-dollar bill between my teeth, she just chuckles at me as she slithers over like a snake on her belly. She gives me a full view of her tits as she takes the dollar from my mouth, turns and slithers back to the pole, teasing me with the view of her plump pussy lips almost covered by the pink g-string.

The first beer disappears in a flash and Davey gives me a raised eyebrow look. “Something up?” he says as he sips his brew. I flag down the waiter, order another round and a sandwich for us, and debate how much to say about last night. I usually share stuff with him, but in this case, it is still a bit too fresh and raw. “Yeah, another shitty day, you know.”

“ Yeah, I know what you mean. I have a list of chores from the wife a mile long. What does she think; I live to fuckin’ work or what?”

“ Yep, what the fuck are we, just some kind of machine? The boss is all pissed off because some new guy did not show up today, so he is taking it out on all of us who are there working our asses off. I should just hide out here the rest of the day and say fuck this whole thing.”

Smiling at Misty as she seductively removes the tiny pink thong, sliding it over the high heels with expert precision. I always watch the panty dismount, that is the hardest part of the strip. Get that thong caught on the heels and it ruins the whole mystic of seduction while you wrestle it off, but Misty is a pro and pulls it off with grace.

“Hey Misty, how much to sit on my lap for the rest of the afternoon?” I shoot across the stage.

She just smiles and chuckles. Having heard that line from me so many times in the past, she gives me the same response. “More than your wife will let you spend on me, cowboy. But I can spend a few songs with you if you have the time.”

I just smile and wink as she finishes her set. My sandwich and beer arrive. Davey and I continue bullshitting about our day and our lives as the minutes seem to fly by on the clock. I debate if I really should just stay here for the rest of the day. The same fight I always debate with myself, however, in the end I know I will go back to my shitty job, but not until I have had one more beer.

The car turns into the driveway, spot on time. Watching through the kitchen window, I lick the crumbs off my fingers and take another gulp of coffee, as I get the first look at my client, Tiffany. Tall, slim and quite, quite beautiful, I understand why Lu has a thing for her; she is delicious. ‘This is going to be more fun than I originally thought’ I muse to myself, as ‘whirlwind Lucy’ flies past me to answer the door.

I have a few minutes to think about how to handle this. Misty will keep Tom occupied, he is a regular at the club and as one of my ex-employees, Misty will be able to handle him and keep him there for a while. If he decides better of it and returns to work, I have back up plan A through Z to make sure that Tiffany and Tom get the most out of my hard earned money.

I smell coffee, and I am about to fetch me some when I hear a car. I gaze out my window and see that Tiffany has arrived. Running a brush quickly through my unruly hair, I then make a dash for the door.

I fling the door open, and she is already standing there. She looks sad, and heart-wrenchingly beautiful. I cannot help myself, already aroused by the idea that the afternoon may bring some relief to my damsel in distress, and I kiss her with enthusiasm.

Tiffany looks past me at Rosie, and I notice her redden, a slight crease forming in her brow. Could that be jealousy I see? I pull her into the room, throwing my arm around her, and introduce her to Rosie. Tiffany looks hesitant, so I lean over and whisper in her ear: “Rosie can work miracles – I promise.” I love the smell of her hair and I want to nuzzle that inviting neck, but I manage to restrain myself.

I can see Lu is head over heels for this girl as she bounces into the room with her usual exuberance, her arm slung around Tiffany’s shoulders with an air of ‘je ne sais quoi’ and her eyes glistening with lust, or is it love, as she introduces me to my new client.

Taking Tiffany’s hand, I feel her trembling, but looking in her eyes there is strength, passion and verve there. ‘A little encouragement is all she needs,’ I think to myself as I lead her to the couch and gesture for her to sit down.

Turning to Lucy, I slip my arm around her shoulder and whisper into her ear,

“Can you give me a couple of mins, baby. Fresh coffee I think is needed,” and kiss her lightly on her ear.

As Lucy heads off for the kitchen, humming to herself, I turn back to Tiffany and sit down beside her. Taking her hand again, I start talking, asking her questions: her job, her loves and dislikes, and finally getting around to the subject of her husband. “So tell me sweetie, what exactly is the problem,” and I give her hand a little reassuring squeeze.

I am still standing there with Rosie’s hand in mine when Lu whispers to me, “Rosie can work miracles – I promise”. I look at Rosie, her mass of flaming hair, her gorgeous face and body, and because Lu says I can trust her, I want to…they seem very close as I sit down on the couch and watch them interact. Rosie kisses Lu lightly on the ear, whispering to her, before she sits down beside me. I look at her expectantly, wondering what advice she is going to give me that might help save my marriage.

She takes my hand in hers, and we start chatting. I tell her about my modelling job, we share some general talk about this and that, and I feel myself beginning to unwind, some of the tension seeping out of my body. This is not so bad…she seems like a nice, caring person…then she gets down to the nitty gritty. She asks me about my marriage and its associated problems.

I feel someone turned the wheel, which opens the floodgates to my emotions. My eyes well up and I blink furiously, not wanting to show weakness, as I tell this stranger about my most intimate fears. I tell her how Tom and I met, describe our fairy tale wedding and the bliss that followed, then about his accident and “fall from grace” as the golden boy. I share with her some of our intimate moments, how we loved during those early years, and how that intimacy has turned into tired, boring, routine sex…a few sad and angry tears escape now, and she raises her free hand and gently brushes them from my cheek as she listens to me.

I share with her the long, lonely nights when he is out with the “boys.” How he comes home drunk, how much I still love my husband and want him to love me, but how I am forced to lie in a cold bed and pleasure myself because he is hardly ever there. Even when he is, most of the time his loving is selfish and leaves me unfulfilled. I want to lean into the softness of her hand and let her enfold me in her arms but I force myself to finish my story…describing my fears that my husband is cheating on me and fucking other women. I even describe how we had sex the night before, and what happened after, when he came home. Something flashes behind her eyes, but I am not sure what, and it is gone before I can analyze it.

I know that Rosie needs some time alone with Tiffany, but it does not stop me from sulking a little, as I am ushered from the room, and forced to linger in the kitchen. The coffee is still very fresh, and the suggestion of a new pot only an excuse, so I rattle about the counter tops, toying with various utensils as I peer at them from under my wispy bangs. My insides are dancing with excitement. If anyone can make Tiffany happy again, it is Rosie.

I put together a tray, waiting to see some sign that Rosie has all the information that she needs before pouring the coffee and sidling back into the room.

Now relaxed with general chitchat, that does it, she spills everything. Between gulps, sobs, flashes of anger, remorse, in a short space of time she works her way through every emotion in the book, and more. I sit back and let her pour out her soul, and by the time Lucy comes back with the coffee, I think we have to the source of her problems. Of course, unbeknownst to her, I have already met the ‘husband in question.’ and put two and two together, which now makes five. I have already sussed out the problem but patting her hand, I smile gently, look at Lu and say,

“Lucy, we have work to do,” and wink as a slightly confused Tiffany looks at me then at her friend, sighs and takes a sip of coffee. “So,” I go on, “how are your lap dancing skills?”

Lu has come back with coffee and I gratefully accept a cup, wrapping my hands around it and taking a few sips to calm myself. I look from Rosie to Lu, wondering again, what advice this beautiful woman is going to give me….she surprises me by turning to Lucy and telling her that they have work to do. I gape at her, not understanding. What does Lu have to do with this, except for introducing me to her friend?

Then she turns back to me. “So, Tiffany, how are your lap dancing skills?” I am in the middle of taking a sip of coffee when she drops this on me. The coffee goes down the wrong way as I gasp, cough, and Lu grabs my cup. I stare at Rosie, open-mouthed with shock.

“What? I can’t do that, I’ve never done that, and I’m-” I manage to get out in between coughs. She looks at me, arching a brow, and smiles. “You’re serious, aren’t you?” I whisper. She nods and says, “Yes, my dear, and your practice subject is going to be Lucy.” She turns to Lu, still smiling, and tells her to prepare her bedroom for the “lesson”. I am rooted to the couch. What the hell? This was not what I had expected. I feel a little tingle in my body at the thought of practicing lap dances on Lu, which rapidly spreads from the juncture of my thighs and up to my breasts, causing my nipples to swell into hard, tight points. I flush as I realize that I am getting wet, my clit hardens; thinking of being with Lu always provokes this reaction in me. Even though we have never followed through and actually become lovers, and although I have always known about Lucy’s feelings, there has always been that one boundary I have been reluctant, or perhaps afraid to cross.

I get another thrill as Rosie finally includes me in the conversation, bringing up the notion of a lap dance. My eyes widen and I cannot help but wet my lips. It was one of my fantasies, involving Tiffany, which I used to get myself off in the past. I feel that fire starting to smoulder in my belly again. It is so distracting that my reflexes nearly fail me when I have to make a quick grab for her mug, as she chokes a little on her coffee.

Tiff protests at first, but precious Rosie will not take no for an answer. She will be owed her another special photo shoot for this.

“Lucy, your bedroom would be best, close the curtains, put on some suitable music, a bottle of wine, glasses and a little low lighting.” Turning back to the open-mouthed Tiffany whilst Lucy, in her usual fashion, dashes from the room with a definite spring in her step, I say, “Come on girl, let’s get this show on the road.” I take her hand, give her an encouraging smile, pull her to her feet and steer her towards the bedroom.

Rosie’s next words are veritable music to my ears, and I stare at her agape, somewhat taken aback. I do not give her the opportunity to change her mind, and gallop towards the bedroom, gambolling like a skittish filly. I am quick to follow Rosie’s directions, joyous and nervous at the same time. Every inch of me is prickly with excitement.

I throw on an artsy jazz version of “Mustang Sally”, my favourite mood music for this sort of thing, and then I streak barefoot back into the kitchen, grabbing a bottle from my wine rack as I make for the glasses. An occasion like this is deserving of the best glow that I have to offer. I lick my lips in anticipation, my heart racing and my mind awhirl. Then I lope back into the bedroom, eager as can be, and not wanting to miss a moment.

Rosie takes me by the hand and pulls me up from the couch, leading me toward Lu’s bedroom. I am a little afraid and excited at the same time, but I go with her quite willingly. We step into Lucy’s bedroom where the curtains are drawn and candles create a warm glow, and sweet, slow jazzy tones float in the air. Lucy hands me a glass of wine, her eyes bright, pretty cheeks flushed, and I take a large gulp, wondering how Rosie plans to get this show started…..anticipating….breathless...