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Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Day 2 Ch 6
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Thursday - Chapter 6
©Virginia Alison, ©Keith David, ©Tiffany St David, ©Lucy Dee Blake

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I open my eyes to daylight filtering in through the wavering curtains. Turning my head, I see Lucy’s tousled locks beside me and I smile to myself, such a beautiful girl, such a beautiful night. I bend over to kiss her gently on the cheek and silently slip out of the bed. Padding into the kitchen I put the kettle on and make us both a steaming cup of coffee and Lu is awake when I return.

Almost abashed, she giggles as I climb back in beside her,

“What’s the time?” She screws her eyes up to look at the clock,

“It’s eight thirty,” I retort and bend over to kiss her, “Tiffany is coming over at ten; we’d better shake our butts and at least get some clothes on to greet our guest,” I smirk as I add, “Shower?”


I shake off the remnants of sleep and spring out of bed.

“Race you there,” I laugh, and scramble for the bathroom.

I get there before Rosie and start the water, making sure that it is good and steamy while I toss off my black cami top with little effort. My little panties I had discarded the night before and left on my bedroom floor, which is where everything eventually ended up, at some point or another.

I select a few of my favourite scented bath products and shovel the rest of the half-empty bottles there into the cabinet under the sink. I live a proper artist’s life, and clutter is to be expected. I hear someone clear their throat, as I push the last container out of view. I look up.

Rosie has found one of my skimpier robes; a satiny diaphanous thing edged with lace, and is standing in the doorway with it draped over her shoulders, in all her glory. She has not bothered to tie it closed, and I stare at her in through the haze from the shower, drawing in a delighted breath and biting my lip. She is so delicious that I am momentarily stunned by her appearance.

Lu’s in a tizz as always, ‘these artists’ I smile to myself as she sweeps the clutter into the cabinet. Totally unabashed, she turns to look at me, her mop of blond hair, ruffled from the nights play, flops down over her doe like eyes that gaze out from her long lashes. My insides clench as I watch this beautiful angel and slipping the robe from my shoulders I feel my nipples tingle as I take her in my arms and kiss her deeply.

The bottles, luckily plastic, fall to the floor as she slides her hands around my waist, locked in lust we somehow stumble into the steaming water of the shower and close the glass panel. The water streams over her hair as I pull away and grab a bar of soap from the unit. Sliding the scented bar over her shoulders and down her arms, the scent of jasmine wafts on the steam as I wash her skin. I smooth the soap over her pert little breasts, cupping each one in turn, watching her nipples form tight little nubs. Gliding over her belly button and hips and down to the velvety skin of her thigh, I kneel, smooth the suds down her calf, and then back up the other leg.

Her pussy is right in front of me and I want to lean in and slip my tongue between those sweet lips but resisting the immediate urge, I turn Lu around and glide the Castile over her gorgeous round arse. Circling her waist and drawing her to me, I kiss her butt cheeks and slide my tongue down the crack between each round peach. One hand slips down between her legs and I slide the soap over her lips, my other hand urges her to widen her legs and I gently slip my finger up inside her satin folds to the heat inside.

I hear her whimper as the soap glides over her clit, swelling under my caress, and she sucks my fingers into her depths as her muscles clench around them. The water bounces off her back as she leans on her hands and supports herself on the wall. I feel her climax building and removing my fingers, I turn her back to face me, spread those sweet petals with my fingers and delve my tongue into her sex. Her sweet nectar mixed with jasmine tastes divine as I suck her unsheathed button into my mouth and roll my tongue over the throbbing silky button. She grabs the top of my head and I feel her legs wobbling under my touch.

I know I am a little obsessive when it comes to Rosie, the same as I am with Tiffany, but I cannot help myself. They both have that certain kind of magic that I find irresistible, that entrancing sex appeal that pulls me in like a bee to a flower. As I press my bare skin against hers, I can feel my heart racing, and my breath coming in panting gasps again. My whole body stirs and tingles, begging for her touch. I want to grind myself into her and come again and again.

She caresses my ass with her tongue and I let out a deep-throated moan, inaudible over the rushing water. I can feel my pussy twitching and my muscles are aching for release. I whimper hungrily.

Suddenly her fingers are there, and then her tongue. I cannot hold back anymore. My body seems to explode beneath the combined sensations and I grab at her hair, rocking unsteadily as I climax again and again. I cry out and fall to my knees, clutching at her legs as I tremble and sway. When it finally stops, I gratefully begin to kiss the insides of her knees, and then work my way up the insides of her thighs with my tongue.

“Your turn, Rosie,” I breathe, “Your turn.” My breath is hot on her skin.

I bury my face in her mound, lapping ferociously at her clit and pressing my hard nipples into the welcoming flesh of her legs. This is my passion.

Standing as the trembling Lu sinks to her knees, I giggle - yes, giggle. She is delightfully ripe, her orgasms flow like liquid and as she hungers for me I go with the flow, her tongue delving into all the right places, my body responds as I feel her soft skin pressing against me. Lucy loves to please and she certainly knows how to, I hold her head murmuring as my clit swells and the waves of pleasure begin to flow from deep inside.

I massage and work at Rosie with my mouth, trying to draw out her climax the way someone sculpts a masterpiece from clay. I am so grateful for her, for everything she has given me, for tolerating my moodiness and my fickle ways. I want to share the bliss that she brings me the only way that I know how. Anything less would be incomplete.

When she finally starts to gasp and shake I smile happily, drawing my face away and tracing her most sensitive places with my fingers instead, wanting to watch the expression on her face as she submits to her pleasure. I smile at her joy, but she eventually pushes me away before becoming over-stimulated. I understand, and get to my feet, still grinning.

She kisses me, whispers happy things to me and then laughs her sweet wind-chime laugh. I am lost in the moment, still a prisoner to the breathless way she makes me feel. Then a titillating thought crosses my mind. Today I get to share Rosie with Tiffany and I know my wistful friend will be as spellbound as I am by this bewitching woman.

I shrug on some clothing, a patterned wrap skirt from somewhere in Asia and a barely-there white tank top with spaghetti straps. I skip the under garments. I do not need them for support, and if all goes as planned, they will only just get in the way.

I smell coffee, and I am about to fetch me some when I hear a car. I gaze out my window and see that Tiffany has arrived. Running a brush quickly through my unruly hair, I then make a dash for the door.

I fling the door open, and she is already standing there. She looks sad, and heart-wrenchingly beautiful. I cannot help myself, already aroused by the idea that the afternoon may bring some relief to my damsel in distress, and I kiss her with enthusiasm.

Tiffany looks past me at Rosie, and I notice her redden, a slight crease forming in her brow. Could that be jealousy I see? I pull her into the room, throwing my arm around her and introduce her to Rosie. Tiffany looks hesitant, so I lean over and whisper in her ear: “Rosie can work miracles – I promise.” I love the smell of her hair and I want to nuzzle that inviting neck, but I manage to restrain myself.