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Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Bios
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The cast and writers of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”
©Virginia Alison, ©Keith David, ©Tiffany St David, ©Lucy Dee Blake

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Erotic Story Rosie Erotica Sexy Red Head
Rosie Bathoria - Written by Virginia Alison

Rosie’s Moments.com
A few days past her 40ish birthday, redhead, tall and slim, Rosie has drawn on her life experiences to set up a small ‘private’ business to help couples with intimate problems. The small enterprise known as ‘Rosie’s Moments’ involves working with people who have lost the ‘edge’ in the sex lives and need a little boost to get them back on the right track.

Rosie is unmarried at the present time, she has a few select lovers of both sexes and enjoys her job immensely taking the time to encourage both men and women to appreciate and explore their bodies in an effort to strive for the ultimate sexual experience.

She is not averse to using small but effective gadgets in her work, chosen carefully to suit the needs of her clientele, working only through referrals Rosie is discrete, well thought of and often pays repeat visits to past clients who wish to repeat their sensual fantasy.


Tom hot hunk erotic erotica sexy story stories
Tom Alexander - Written by Keith David
Tom Alexander is 30 and has been married to Tiffany for 6 years. They met in college at the University of Florida where he played football and she was a cheerleader. Shortly after college, they were married in a huge ceremony in Hawaii. He was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but was released from his multi-million dollar contract after a career ending knee injury, crushing his spirit.

Early in their relationship, they had been very passionate and heated like any newly wed couple, but after the loss of his football career he began a slow downward spiral. Not working for the first year after his release, he occupied his time hanging with his buddies, golfing, and drinking. He would often stay out late, coming home drunk and he began paying less and less attention to Tiffany despite truly still being in love with her. Living mostly off the fortunes of both his and her family, his current job as a car salesman brings in a meager amount of their income.

Tom is as charismatic as they come and he maintains his body in top form, mostly out of vanity. He has an easy way about getting to know people and he can talk to anyone, yet he has been fighting with his own demons for many years. Restlessness with his life and the desire to do more and have more like his college buddies who made it in the pros has haunted him. These feeling have had a negative impact on his relationship with Tiffany and he has only been going through the motions to maintain some semblance of normalcy in their relationship.

Erotic erotica sexy story stories hot read
Tiffany Alexander - Written by Tiffany St David
Tiffany Alexander is 26. She met Tom in college where she was studying Business Administration. She had friends on the cheer leading squad and when Junie broke an ankle just before a crucial football match she begged Tiffany to take her place . Tiffany agreed, and that was how she and Tom met. They had a whirlwind romance and he completely swept the somewhat naive girl off her feet, giving her a lavish wedding in Hawaii and the honeymoon of her dreams amidst tropical splendor.

They were a passionate couple, with Tom, who was more experienced sexually, teaching Tiffany the joys of intense lovemaking...then came the terrible injury that ended his football career, and Tom was plunged into a deep depression. He started spending more and more time with his buddies, drinking and playing poker and spending less and less time with Tiffany, who began to despair that the man of her dreams no longer loved her and could be having affairs with other women.

Their money soon dwindled as Tom began to gamble, and Tiffany was forced to accept the offer of a modeling contract. She has always been slender and toned, with gorgeous full breasts, and is highly sought after as a lingerie model. This also does not sit well with Tom, who is jealous of the attention paid to her, and withdraws even further. With her long brown hair and large gray eyes, Tiffany catches the attention of many men, but she remains faithful to her husband, whom she still loves dearly in spite of his apparent lack of interest in her.

In desperation she turns to her friend Lucy for comfort, even going so far as t to exchange a few soft kisses with her friend, but nothing more. Tiffany is desperate to regain her husband’s love but is totally at a loss as to how to go about it, because nothing she has done so far has seemed to work.

Lucy erotica erotic story stories sexy

Lucy Cameron - Written by Dee Blake
Lucy Cameron is also 26. She and Tiffany have been best friends since grade school, experimenting somewhat with one another in high school, but they drifted apart a little when Lucy went the fine arts route for post-secondary, studying photography at art school. They suddenly found themselves in different circles and Lucy was intimidated by Tiffany’s choice to study Business Administration.

She tried to keep in touch with Tiffany, longing to have her old friend model for her, but she soon found Tiffany was even less available because of her involvement with Tom. Lucy lusts after Tom and certainly recognizes what it is that Tiffany sees in him, but Lucy also blames him for “stealing” what little chance she had of restoring her close bond with Tiffany. Lucy is secretly pleased that they are having marital problems, since Tiffany has turned to her as a shoulder to cry on and a sympathetic ear. She does not, however, like to see her friend suffering.

To complicate matters. Lucy’s career as a photographer is finally beginning to take off. She wants the opportunity to have Tiffany pose for her more than ever. She is certain that she can capture exactly what it is that she sees in her best friend, those amazing qualities of Tiffany that that foolish Tom may be throwing away

Unlike Tiffany’s traditional beauty, Lucy has a more cutesy tom-boyish appeal. Her shortcropped strawberry-blond hair and green eyes are accentuated by her round face, turned up nose and freckles. She has a slightly athletic build, a result of her incessant energy, and smaller perky breasts, but she considers her best features her nice sloping ass and inviting slender hips. She has never bothered with a long-term relationship, dabbling instead with a variety of her models, both male and female.