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Whispers in the Wind...The story
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Whispers in the Wind...The Story

©Keith David 2010 ©Virginia Alison 2010


V - The wild flowers in her hand feebly pulse as they lie dying clasped in her arms. Ripped from the warm earth that bore them, now limp in the cold that surrounds her in foggy winter’s night chilling her soul to its very core. The old buildings heave and sigh, their ancient stones groaning under the weight of the ages, the sights and smells of despair oozing from the cobbled street as she drifts past memories of old. The occasional window glows with a weak flickering of a candle flame, catching her gaze before shifting back to dark of the night.


She understands the pain creeping around her feet, swirling, ethereal clammy fingers grasping at her body tempting her to join the demise of those who have walked this road before. Like a clouded vision, she floats through the mist, pausing only for a minute under a spluttering gas lamp to watch the butterflies of the night hours, their wings beating with fevered undulation as they seek entrance to the object of their desire.


Averting her eyes and returning to the shadow, she ambles aimlessly like a wraith and turns down the path leading to the oceans edge. The water lapping gently as it flows and ebbs with the pull of the moon, brings little comfort to her as she moves through the mists along the shore. The usual glow of the night obscured by ominous clouds scuttling across the sky, colours the sea with inky blackness sombre and forbidding.


She wraps the foggy night around her, the flame of emotion dampened and downtrodden, taking comfort in the love, it affords her and like a warming shawl, she takes the billows of gloom and clutches them to her breast.


K- Polished cobblestones on the dark empty streets greet my feet like a worn fingerless glove, comfort of familiarity yet offering no solace to an empty soul. Chilled hands clutch and pull deep in pockets seeking warmth, but finding none as the wintry fog bites my skin. Shadows dance and flicker in moments fleeting hastily under the shimmering glow of street lamps on my way home. My heart heaves a deep sigh of loneliness as my mind wonders to the warmth her touch and the whispers she wrapped around my soul.


White and yellow wildflowers tied in a bow rest gently upon my door, colouring the grey of night and setting my spirit on fire. Her sweet scent lingers, an elixir of passion and love, the heart drinks as my soul takes flight in the night. A single candle placed in my windows flickers a warm glow for her return, for we have danced this dance before and warmth begins to fill my core.


My love and her loneliness, when her mood is right unite in the glow of candlelight. Tap, tap, and tap on my door, excitement soars when she returns me. Folded fully within my arms, I feel her need against my heart and without words, her whispers weave and caress deep into my essence. She is one with me, never leaving my mind, but I watch the candle waver and flicker remembering the emptiness of morning when all I will have left are her whispers on my soul.


V- Shoreline following contours of the steep white cliffs, she raises her eyes to the black outline of the sombre town above, silent and still in the night mist. The cottage of familiar dreams, standing lonely in its desolation perched precariously overlooking the sea, beckons to her soul. The light, flickering in the solitary window beseeches her to enter from the gloom of her solitude.


Stone worn by millennia of footsteps rises through the crags hacked by man, eroded by time. Floating lightly up the rise she gazes at the thatch of ages, glistening with the nightly dew. The tired walls breathe deeply as she silently glides along the wisteria-covered path to his door. The flowers, limp in her hands take on life as nimble fingers replace the weary lifeless blooms from past days and tie the ribbon, enfolding the stems with love.


Her tapping rings out into the still of the night, the groaning wood of the opening door uplifts her sorrowed soul as he stands waiting. His eyes alight with desire as he takes her cold hand, welcoming her to lie on the soulless skins that adorn the floor beside the glowing embers of the warming hearth.


Outer garbs drift away as he takes her in his arms. Coming to him, frees the passions that build in her core, as autumn falls upon the world. The amber glow flickers on her pale white skin as she lies with her hair, curling in black tendrils across her body. Her eyes softening with his touch, as she takes him to her bosom.


K- Crackling wood of days past sends a warming glow on our skin, but I feel the heat burning in her soul as I rest within her arms. Passion and pain held day upon day, building like a hurricane inside her until tentative footsteps bring her to my door. Silence as our eyes, hands and tongues dance the dance eons old. Every touch of her finger on my skin, tongue on my lips, and look from her eyes draws me deeper into her trance and love weaves its spell on me.


I know she comes for her need, quenching the fires I feel burning within her. If love is upon her lips, it is not spoken or murmured. Searing, burning lust drives her to this place and our ballet plays on through the night. Slowly building, touch upon touch the tingling energy of our souls unite into blazing inferno of wild hedonistic beasts, pounding and thrashing against the tides of desire and primal need.


V- This passion she cannot control, her love for him goes beyond reason, he knows but is left unsaid as they take the night to their soul, she feeling his touch melt her heart, her body never sated, exuding cooling sensations, her electric blue aura entwines with his blood red radiance, spiralling around their writhing dance of love, the skins beneath their fevered brows feeding off the energy as they welcome the touch.


As the darkness wanes, so does their desire, ebbing away through the now silent walls that call her nigh, up into the cool air taken by the heart from the dying embers. Their love complete, their lust gorged, her wild yearnings stilled for a time, their souls again as one.


K- Slumber falls upon my satiated body, my souls mate wrapped in my arms. This is the comfort she needs and I dream of each day my soul wanders alone. I hold her to me like a precious gift. The fire dwindles until the only warmth is her body against mine, but knowing when I wake she will be gone. Even before the candle dies, she will pull away from me. Stirring slightly as her warm lips brush my cheek and ear, whispers like a warm wind upon my soul, and left cold and lonely, I watch the sun break on a new day.


I stare across the steep cliffs down into the ocean, the morning sun glistening off dewed mossy rocks and the last chill of night washes over me with a shiver. These long hours pass slowly as my mind returns to her. Silky alabaster skin and sensuous curve dance in my mind’s eye. My soul is empty through these lonely hours, I listen to the wind whisper through the leaves and I hear her voice calling to me.


Rising upon my feet, the sun touches my face as shadows shrink and grow. I wander the hills and shore, searching for the whisper on my soul, searching for my souls mate. Minute pass like hours and hours pass like days as loneliness washes upon my spirit. I long for her touch, the smell of wild flower to, once again, fill my senses.


V-Before she feels too much, her garb is gathered and placed upon her weary body and she drifts away into the dusky sky as dawn breaks and she is gone. The lonely hours begin, through the town, which stirs as she flees along the lonely streets that prepare for another day, her body chilling as the last of the fire’s heat seeps into the dank air. Past the fading lights along the lonely tree lined road, the branches groaning as they feel her pass, leaving behind a memory as through the iron gates she enters into the dawn beyond. Her home in sight she pauses only to smile as in the freshly turned earth stand small white and yellow wildflowers, erect in the glow of daybreak. Sinking into her bed the sun breaks the horizon, its first rays shining on the obelisk glowing in the golden warmth to find her resting.


Epitaph:             Rose

1910  -  1937

Find me in the Dawn


Whispers in the Wind