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The Unforgiving Sea
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The Unforgiving Sea

©Keith David 2010 ©Virginia Alison 2010


V- ....the dark clouds scuttle ominously across the sky, partially obscuring the moons rays as they shine upon the sea. She stands on the cliff and pulls her cloak around her, the chill seeping through her bones, the wind flowing through her black hair, gazing on an unforgiving ocean that took her love to a distant land many moons past. A single tear drops from her eyes as she shuts out the scene before her. The memories of the galleon, fully laden with crew and cargo fading into the deep blue of the night, the love in her heart welled up into her throat and poured onto the already tear stained face. Her recollections of a year filled with sunny days and breathless nights were fast becoming a blur in her mind as she recalled their first encounter in the forest.


The balmy morning had seen the sun breaking through the clouds by the time she had ridden through the fields to the forest. Entering the dappled gloom gave her some relief from the heat of the day and she...


K- …slowed her steed to enjoy the sights and smells of the forest in summer. Riding slowly for what seemed like hours, she ambled quietly through the lush greenery until she came upon an unfamiliar path barely visible in the undergrowth. It might have been a simple game trail, but it seemed to beckon exploration.


Leading around and up a small rise in the earth and along a babbling brook, the path became more defined. The hum of the forest begins, to slowly, transform to a clamorous din with the sound of water falling from high. Slowly cresting another small rise and previously protected from view a scene of beauty marked with potential danger unfolds.


From high above, water falls into a large pool with a noisy rumble. This plateau is protected from view below and surrounded by trees with a small sandy beach just slightly ahead on the path. A horse stands still, tied to a tree on the edge of the sand, a quiver of arrows and bow sits atop a small pile of clothes. A man bathes naked in the crystal clear waters.


She is entranced by the sight and paralyzed for a moment with fear, curiosity, and excitement. Long flowing brown hair covers broad shoulders of sculpted muscles. He is…


V- ..... oblivious to her presence as she watches his fluid movements in the water. Obviously searching for something, he dives beneath the tumbling waters, each time surfacing, his face contorted in a grimace, yet still he continues.


Time after time, he disappears below the waters surface and she counts the seconds, holding her breath until he reappears. Intrigued by this behaviour she is tempted to show herself to he who seeks with such diligence. Awaiting her moment, she moves forward trailing her horse behind. As he rises for the umpteenth time, he realises he is being watched, and turns to face her.


His chiselled features and dark eyes are pleasing to behold and smiling sweetly she raises her hand in greeting. Noticing a mark on his forehead, she squints a little against the suns glare and makes out the shape of a diamond with a blue stone in the centre. He smiles at her as he makes his way out of the pool, naked as the day he was born she realises that she is staring and lowers her eyelashes, blushing at the dripping body free from all restraints before her eyes.


She could feel his aura glowing brightly and as he moved towards her, it enveloped her body, cleansing her mind making her body tremble. He put his hand under her chin and lifted her head to face him. His eyes bore into hers, making shivers run down her spine, wanting to flee, yet unable to move she....


K- …stands paralyzed before him.


Seemingly undisturbed by the lack of clothing, their eyes meet. Smiling eyes speak to her and she immediately knows him. His heart is open, warm and inviting. Staring motionless and wordless his face slowly changes in her mind. She is unable to determine if the change is physical or perception, but it becomes more handsome each second. She is inextricably drawn into his world as a warm peace spread from her core, filling her entire being. Legs become weak and vision blurs then narrows as she feels herself falling. The beauty of his face is etched upon her mind, but vanishes, as she loses consciousness.


A vision appears in her mind as she sleeps. Summer’s sun beats down from high above as they are walking hand in hand along a beach. Stopping to pick up something that catches her eye, her fingers clear the sand carefully from a small red moonstone and she realizes that somehow this is familiar. Feeling as if it was lost and now found, but she does not know why. As quickly as the dream comes, it vanishes from her mind.


Awakening in the shade under a tree, held in his lap as he softly strokes her long hair and the back of his fingers gently touching the smooth skin of her face. Startled at first, not understanding how she came to this position, then captured by his eyes once again and peace spreads through her. So many questions run through her mind, yet she does not feel the need to speak for a moment as his smile and touch comforts her unlike anything she thought possible.


“Dalla, you fell. Why were you watching me? Are you OK?”


‘ How did he know my name?’ screamed through her mind as she struggled to make sense. She…


V-…sits up sharply and turns to look at him.


"How do you know me?" she demands


"I have waited all my life for you, I have always known you"


She stumbles to her feet and holds her hand out to him as he takes it and she pulls him upright she realises he is right, he is familiar although she knows not how. For a second the silence between them is deafening, she closes her eyes as he takes her in his arms and gently brushes his lips to hers and at that same moment the world comes alive again as through it were hushed; waiting for the eternal moment.


'Kohana', the name entered her head for a fleeting moment and she opens her eyes to see him grinning at her.


"We have now been introduced, walk with me".


Hand in hand, they move along the water’s edge. Somehow, the sights and sounds are resonating louder than she has known, she feels the grass grow beneath her feet, the smallest ants pound the earth, the trees whisper as they move in the gentle breeze and the eagle sings to her as it soars on the thermals high above the land.


He moves into the water and holds his hand out to her, she sheds her clothes, enters the lake and together they flow through the water to the falls. The dance of love begins beneath the crystal stream and as night falls, love blossoms and they become one with the world.


From that time, sunny days meld into dusky nights, time and tide are forgotten as they lose themselves in each other living only for the next paradisiacal moment until one bright morning as the fall shows its first turn of leaf her world is shattered. The coming of winter will take him from her and as her heart breaks she...


K- …remembers this pain. From somewhere deep within, she instinctively knows he will leave. The cold of winter will echo the state of what is left of her heart, for she will rip half from her soul to send with him on his journey.


Waking with a start, she finds him gone from her side and panic fills her. ‘How could he just leave?’ Tears flow like rushing water as she scrambles outside in a panic search. He is there, preparing for his journey and she grabs him as if hugging a man returned from the grave. Tears stain his clothing as he holds her against his chest, stroking the long flowing hair along her back.


“Ssshhh…Dalla, my love...my soul…sssshhh. You know this must be. We must be strong for each other.”


Setting her down gently, he grabs a sack in his small pile of things and reaches inside. Coming to her with a closed hand, she wipes away tears with a sniffle and extends her open palm. His whole face smiles and with twinkling eyes he places his empty hand under hers, and holds the gift directly over it. Placing the object in her hand, still covered and enveloped by his hands, she feels…


V-…love emanating from within. Looking deep into his glistening eyes a feeling of well being sweeps through her body and in a split second she understands. She smiles at him as he takes his hands from hers and then looks at the moonstone glowing blue as it nestles on her skin.


"Forever for our love" he whispers and kisses her gently on her lips.


His packing finished he turns to her, brushes the tears that roll down her soft cheeks.


"Keep me close to your heart and I will return". His pained expression does nothing to allay her sorrow as they journey to the dock where he joins his ship. As he walks up the gangplank to board the 'Fair Lady' she can no longer bear the pain and runs away from the water along the road that leads through the forest and out onto the cliff top where she watches him disappear into the distance.


As the months pass, the moonstone slowly changes hues until only black gleams from its heart but day after day she stands looking out to sea, waiting for his return. On the night of the ninth full moon word arrives of the demise of the 'Fair Lady' and her will breaks. Screaming into the night, she wanders the forest delirious, her mind deranged. Weeks pass, she becomes incoherent, her hair bedraggled, clothes tattered, torn from brambles unseen by her clouded eyes. Wailing as she finds her way back to the hill crest over looking the deep waters, her body can take no more.


A soft wind startles her and as she opens her eyes to the glint of the moon peeking out from behind the clouds, a profound feeling of peace flows through her body as she stands on the cliff and pulls her cloak around her, the chill seeping through her bones, the wind flowing through her black hair and gazing on an unforgiving ocean below she can see her shattered body as is lies on the jagged rocks and watches the crashing waves sweep away her remains from her last act of madness.


Turning away from the scene, she opens her hand and moonstone glows blur, reflecting the stars in its beauty. Smiling she looks up to see a light and he stands waiting for her,


"Forever for our love" he whispers as she walks towards him, reunited once again in a different time and space their souls joining, parting and joining again for they are soul mates for eternity.