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Ariana Falls from Grace - Chapter 1
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A new series from Breathless Nights! Follow Ariana as she attempts to maintain her rank with Mistress, but the new slave has other ideas. Can she prove her value or will Tom upstage and force her into the dungeon?

Ariana Falls from Grace - Chapter 1
©Breathless Nights

The morning sun seemed to rise just a bit faster than usual this Saturday morning as the fresh dew evaporated in a mist from the gardens. Creeping in between the blood red velvet curtains of the castle’s ornate master suite, the light twinkled into Ariana’s eyes as she lay thinking about the day ahead. Tadita stirred next to her and she caught a faint whiff of her mistresses’ scent remaining on her lips from the previous night’s fun.

As was required of her position, she slid quietly from the bed, donned a silk robe and prepared coffee and a croissant before returning with a tray to the bedside. On her knees, she presented the gifts to Mistress as her eyes opened to greet the morning. Ariana had something she wanted, but to simply ask would be improper and would likely garner a punishment. Somehow, she hoped Mistress would sense her want and ask what it might be.

“Mistress, I have prepared your favourites. I want you to have a wonderful day,” she chimed with a cheeriness that was a bit more than Tadita could bear, having just opened her eyes.

“Thank you Ariana,” she mumbled, blinking away the sleep.

“Is there anything I can get you Mistress? Anything at all? Can I help with any preparations you might have for the day?”

“Ariana, Ariana, calm down. What has you all in a titter already today?”

“Just pleasing you Mistress,” she replied. Knowing to blurt out her hopes was still too forward as the Mistress did not intend for her to speak freely.

“Well, aren’t you sweet this morning? You were a very good girl last night. I think I climaxed five or six times on that wonderful tongue of yours.”

“Thank you Mistress, I love pleasing you. I can still smell you on my upper lip.”

“Perhaps if you are good today we will see about getting you some release as well. Speaking of release, have you tended to our pet yet this morning?”

“No Mistress, I wanted to make sure you were pleased first. Should I go tend to him now,” she said with a beaming smile.

“Sure, go ahead. Would you like to take him out to play today my sweet?”

The words were music to Ariana’s ears, but she tried hard to contain her excitement. She felt the gush of warmth at the thoughts of using him as her own while Mistress commanded them both. Her body tingled with excitement, as it was six months since her Mistress allowed her a climax. Ariana must have brought Mistress to hundreds of climaxes in that time, each time leaving her wanting and needing her own release more and more.

“Oh can we please Mistress? Can we take him outside?”

Tadita giggles at her over enthusiastic pet. Ariana has tried so hard to be good recently. The two hours of licking and sucking Ariana gave her last night had softened Mistress significantly and she must be feeling generous. Besides, it has been awhile since they had the whole day to play, and their slave needs to be ready for their guest tonight. Playing outside should provide many opportunities.

“Ok, go ahead and get him ready. Make sure he has the ponytail on as well as the harness. We should make him run so he does not get fat. Just remember no inappropriate touching without my consent and presence or you will be punished severely!”

Ariana kisses her Mistress’s hand so enthusiastically she nearly spills her coffee.

“Thank you, thank you Mistress. I promise I will be good.”

Ariana bows away from her Mistress and crawls calmly to the bedroom door, but as soon as she rounds the corner she breaks into a giggling trot back towards the kitchen, the red silk robe flowing behind her. Taking a moment to prepare some simple oatmeal and juice for the pet, she hurries to the slave’s quarters in the dungeon.

The room is deep in the castle’s interior with no natural sunlight. Small lamps are set around the room in alcoves that once held candles. Long since replaced with electric lights, they still seem to cast an eerie glow across the stone floor and walls. A large red tapestry covers the floor in the centre of the room where the Mistress’s throne like chair sits. Ariana’s chair is smaller and to the right, but at least she has a chair.

Ariana is submissive to the Mistress, but above the slave. She loves playing the part of Mistress to him, yet has boundaries she cannot cross, and is in part, his caretaker as well. The large oak door squeaks as it turns on the rusty hinges and the naked slave quickly assumes the submissive position on his knees, head to the stone behind the bars of his cage. The furnishings are sparse, a small bed, solid oak table and chair.

Opening the door of the cell with the large iron key, Ariana enters and places the tray with food next to the one she left last night, which was now empty, before addressing the slave.

“Slave you may eat. We have a big day planned.”

Tom crawls to the table keeping his head bowed to Ariana. She knew he was jealous of her position, allowed to sleep with the Mistress while he is in the cell, but she was here long before him. Purchased from Mistress Riana six months ago, she worried he might take her place, but her fears were unfounded. Actually, the Mistress used him as a gift to bring Ariana pleasure on many occasions, but he is a complete submissive and allows himself to be under their control as he did with Mistress Riana and others before. He could not satisfy Mistress the way Ariana did, but he was useful for some things to them both.

As Tom ate the meal, Ariana gathered the preparations for the day. Laying the full body harness, hood, ponytail plug, and his calf-high boots on the table, she heads to the shower and readies the water for him. Despite her focus on the tasks, excitement has her insides tickling with butterflies. She resists the desire to swirl her finger through the sticky cream between her thighs and around the swollen over sensitive clit until the gooey juices stream down her legs, but it is not easy to do so.

“Let’s go slave, get cleaned up for Mistress.”

She slowly unlocks the cage encasing his cock, allowing the blood to fill his shaft to nearly a full erection, and watches him while he showers to ensure he does nothing more than a general cleaning. As usual, it takes a few hard whacks with the bamboo cane across the tip of his hard-on to shrink it enough to stuff back into the small cage after the shower. Once complete, she helps him into the leather body harness.

“Ok, we’re going outside today so you need your tail and boots. Bend over and grab your ankles.”

The slave presents his puckered sphincter directly in front of Ariana. Grabbing the ponytail from the table, she smoothes the long hairs before lubricating the bulbous plug at the end, and coldly pressing it into the tight muscle. Locking the plug in place with the buttons on the harness, she helps him into the boots.

When he finished lacing them up, she has the slave stand and present himself, for her inspection. The black leather hood laces from behind and covers his entire head, but has ample holes for his nose, mouth, and eyes. The leather harness crosses the sculpted muscles of his chest with loops tightly positioned over his brown nipples to hold any devices they choose to apply. The cage encases his sex, but holds it away from his body by the rings in the harness that run between his legs and up the crack of his buttocks.

Pleased with his preparations, she gives him a whack on the ass, almost playfully, as she gets the game started for her Mistress.

“Slave, I have good news. We are going to release you today. If you can get away, you can have your freedom. In addition, you had better run, because we will have cattle prods and riding crops. ”

Ariana is able to offer him this freedom knowing he cannot leave the grounds. The estate is nearly 50 acres with large fences securing the borders. In addition, they will be riding horses while he is on foot. She knows the chase will be fun, but when they catch him and drag him back to the castle her fun will really begin.

“Back into your cell for now, be careful not to sit on your tail, I spent a long time making sure it hangs straight and don’t want the hair messed for the Mistress.”

Ariana whacks him once more as a reminder, he re-enters his housing and she locks the door.

“I will return shortly after I have the Mistress readied for the hunt. Behave yourself, and you will have such a treat today, I only hope that you will show Mistress how grateful you are.”

Deliriously happy, Ariana skips back upstairs, clears the kitchen, and makes fresh coffee for her Mistress. The second cup is what gears her Mistress into action and it is then that Ariana will have her first real thrill of the day, when she is able to bathe and dress Tadita. Gaily tripping up the stairs, she enters the dimly lit room quietly so as not to disturb her goddess who already finished her breakfast.


Ariana places the fresh coffee and a red rose on the bedside table.

“Mistress, the slave is prepared and ready for your instruction.”

Ariana kneels again beside the bed, her head bowed and her hands locked together behind her back. Ariana feels her Mistress's eyes boring into her while Tadita sips on the second cup of steaming Java. Although her excitement was almost too much to bear, Ariana knows better than to say anything until her Mistress speaks. After what seems like a lifetime, Tadita murmurs,

“Is there something you want to say Ariana?”

Raising her head, Ariana beams at Tadita.

“May I run your bath now Mistress?”

“Yes you may, make sure the water is warmer than yesterday.”

“Yes Mistress, I am sorry Mistress. What would you like in your bath water today? Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, or maybe Jasmine? You have not had Jasmine since last week.”

Ariana’s enthusiasm shows as she babbles her words, but she soon shuts up when Tadita barks at her.

“Enough! Your babbling is too much. Run my bath, Ylang Ylang will be lovely, and make sure the towels are heated. You may prepare my attire while I bathe. I think you know what I want to slip into, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress. May I open the curtains Mistress?”

“Yes you may, then go, do, and fetch me when the bath is ready.”

Ariana leaps up and pulls on a mahogany drapery baton to open the curtain. Sunlight streams into the room and she hesitates, waiting for her Mistress’s eyes to accustom to the brightness before pulling the second curtain open. The mist is dissipating as the sun rises higher in the sky, and Ariana thinks it promises to be a beautiful day. With that thought in mind, Ariana skips off to the en suite bathroom.

The highly polished tiles gleam as the lights flood the room. The black granite floor is cold beneath her feet and she shivers a little while crossing to the large round sunken bath in the middle of the room. Water gushes from the gold taps and Ariana waits until steam rises from the stream before plugging the drain and leaving it to fill the tub.

Beside the sink, lay the row of glass amphoras containing scented oils. Ariana picks out the blue jar, plucks the stopper from the top and drizzles a little into the gushing water. Immediately the heady scent of Ylang Ylang rises in the mist that steadily fills the room. Satisfying herself the water is hot enough, she returns to the bedroom. Grabbing the blue satin robe from the hook on the door and standing by the bed, she holds it open as Mistress slips her arms into the sleeves.

“Thank you, I can see myself into the bath, do as I ask before you return, you have ten minutes.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Ariana bobs and scurries off to the wardrobe to pick out the chosen black leather attire. Quickly laying them neatly on the bed, she places the towels on the heater, mentally counting down the time until she may return to the bathroom to bathe her beautiful Mistress.

Tadita lays in the bath with one foot resting on the edge and her hand swirling the water over her breasts. Ariana picks up the bar of Ylang Ylang soap and a sponge, and stepping into the tub, she sits on the side of the bath. Her clit throbs in anticipation as she thrills at the sight of her Mistress’s alabaster skin. Tadita opens her eyes, smiles and holds out her hand.

Ariana takes the proffered arm and starting with the long red nails, proceeds to slide the sponge and the shoulders, over the slim neck, being careful not to touch Tadita’s full breasts until commanded. Shifting position, she repeats the same with her other arm, all the while, watching as her Mistress’s areola shrivel and tighten, the nipples standing proud of the skin. Waiting for her orders, Ariana feels her own nipples harden as pleasurable sensations throb in her sweet walls.

“You may continue Ariana,”

Ariana slides the sponge over one breast and the bar of soap over the other, causing her own juices to flow. Tadita lifts her leg from the water and Ariana continues her ministrations over the shapely foot, calf and thighs, avoiding her most precious mound. She waits for Mistress to spread her legs wider indicating Ariana may have her reward.